Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yay for phone camcorders {and cameras}

Lola being cute with my mom and I.

Lola is starting to find her voice. This is so sweet, turn up your speakers. :)

This last pic, Monica just sent me at work. It is so cute and is of Lola and Sydney, Monica's daughter {isn't she the prettiest little girl ever?}. Monica's family is having a lot of fun babysitting my sweet lil lady! Thanks for the pic Monica and for making my work day a little brighter!!


  1. I'm so glad to have you back to your regular blogging self. I love seeing(and hearing now!!) Lola updates! Welcome back...

  2. You are quick about this Blogging stuff now! You obviously had better things to do with your maternity leave than to blog.

  3. Love those video's of cute Lola!! And that little girl is soo pretty!!


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