Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Back to work...

So I am back to work this week and I can NOT say I am excited about it. {This morning was rough, I even made Monica cry a little. I love Monica and know she is taking top-notch care of my lady :)} What can you do, you have to pay the bills... Luckily I have a great job and work with some really great people. It has made the transition a lot easier... But I am still counting down the minutes till I can hold my lil princess in my arms again!!!! {not quite an hour left at work, yipee}

This is one of my favorite pics that Anna took! It is so sweet and someone told me she looks like me in this one. No one ever says she looks like me, so YAY!

I saw this on a few of my friends blogs so I decided it would be fun to do! I grabbed the 4th pic in the 4th folder on my computer and it is not as eventful or cute as everyone else's pics...

It is of Scott, Chris, and I at our friend Jed's cabin, in Bear Lake, a couple of summers ago. We were lathering up in sunscreen before boating and for some odd reason my friend Ali was snapping pics of it HA HA

If anyone else wants to do this lil activity, feel free!


  1. cute!! Lola's picture is gorgeous! I love it!

  2. I can't imagine just how hard it would be to go back to work! That sounds just awful!!! But your optimistic about it! Good for you. She is so adorable! I will see her eventually right?

    And yes, I just have clip in extensions that I can put in when I want to wear them...they are fabulous!!

  3. she does look like you! I remember when Mar went back to work after Kinners was born...she was bawling the whole ride there! sad day!

  4. So sad for you having to go back to work!!! How's it going? I'm sure this first week is rough but it'll get easier.

    And yes what a blessing that I get those Weekly Fare Specials. :) It was an awesome trip!

    I was just telling Scott the other day that we need to hang more. Seriously. Whether it be with our men or just the girls...me you and Lola :) I miss her cute face and need to come up again. Like tonight...or tomorrow...I'm a little anxious :)....

    Let me know.

    Love you! xoxoxo

  5. I lalalove this pic of Lola! She does look like you in it!

    You have such a good atitude about going back to work.

  6. Anna is so great! And I can totally see you in that picture of Lola, now that you mention it.


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