Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lola's first girls night out

Last night Lola and I went out with my friends to celebrate Brit and Sindee's birthdays!! I love going out with my girlfriends! We met up at California pizza kitchen at the Gateway and had a lot of fun eating and chatting. Thanks for a great night ladies, let's do it again soon!

This is the funniest face I've seen yet!

The birthday girls and Kendyl, Sindee's sweet daughter

Lola's cute little boots!

All of us {me, Jnut, Nat, Brit, Sindee, Kendyl, and Anna}

I thought it was so cute how everyone was oohing and aahing over Princess


  1. soooo cute! I love her and I havent even met her! I am so jealous! I want to oohh and ahh!

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  3. Looks like Miss Lola was a hit at the dinner! Fun!!

  4. Hey, Dari! I'm glad you found me! Little Lola is sooo cute! I'm sure she's keeping you busy. This will be fun to keep in touch!

  5. oh my stinking heck she's adorable.

    and i lovey love love the name's adorable as well!

    you're such a fashionable mom...teach me!!

  6. It was so fun getting together again. It feels like it has been forever. And Lola was such a fun addition to the night. She is my favorite. I could just eat her right up!


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