Friday, November 21, 2008

There is truth in jest!

Dear Baby weight,

Hello flabby friend. I must be direct and let you know whats up! I would just like to say, I know you are a reminder of all the "fun" times we had together being Fatty McFat Pants {aka pregnant and extremely swollen in the summer heat} and you helped keep me extra warm and cozy {not that I needed the help in the summer} while carrying the sweet Princess. But it is time for you to hit the road. I know that you were cooperative in the first couple of months. Heck, 27 pounds of you literally fell off in the first week... then over the next 4 weeks or so, the next 23 pounds left just as easily. But now I have 10 of you left and it wants to stay for good! Well news flash- you need to leave, ASAP.

What is that you say? It's my fault. Ok, ok maybe it is a little "my fault"... So what if I don't want to "eat healthy" and "exercise". Maybe I like to eat pizza, sausage egg Mcmuffins, cold stone, and lets not forget Taco Bell. {These may have contributed to you getting there in the first place.} Maybe I enjoy sitting on "me hind quarters" and watching all of my DVR goodies, that have been saved for my viewing pleasure in the previous nights, instead of going to the gym. {With the pass I purchased over a month ago and have only used ONCE} What is so wrong with a little self-indulgence?

Fine, I realize I need to actually work to get the rest of you to leave so I can fit into my "skinny jeans" and wear form fitting shirts and not show off my voluptuous "muffin top". Muffin tops aren't that cute, I heard through the grapevine... I guess I will start trying. {begrudgingly} But if the hubby comes to you complaining because I am ornery and hungry and tells you that I cry because I want a Red Vine {that's for Mom and Nic ha ha}, don't say I didn't warn you!!! You better take all the blame too, because after all, my pain and suffering WILL be your fault. You need to learn to be a team player.

So thanks for the good times! But since Lola is almost 12 weeks, we need to part ways and maybe I will see you again with the next baby... down, down, down the road. Hopefully next time I will see less of you though. NO OFFENSE.

Sincerely {I think},

Post-baby body

P.S. Can I also blame you for the plethora of stretch marks and my extra, no-longer elastic, belly skin???? Because I could strangle someone for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I forwarded this letter to my belly fat as well.
    Visiting from SITS : )

  2. Great letter...may my baby fat be cc'd on this?

    Hello SITSta :)

  3. LMBO!!! Love it. I still am holding an extra LBS from my 7 yr old.

    Thanks for stopping at my blog


  4. My babyfat and I are old friends. We've come to terms and decided that neither of us is going to budge. You, however, are young and ambitious. I'm sure that you can kick that fat's butt. Good luck.

    SITS sent me :)

  5. Visiting from SITS.
    I am right there with ya girl.

  6. I am so not looking forward to that day! It is truly one of the reasons I fear getting pregnant. Well, thanks for your honesty and any tips you have will be appreciated for us future mommies!
    Have a great weekend SITsta

  7. Oh honey, I agree with your first commenter: passing this along to my baby weight.
    I'm laughing so hard right now though. I still have exactly 10 pounds left (ok 13 according to the scale at the doctors but I had shoes on). It's hard.
    I too don't like exercise and it's getting too cold to walk here. I also love to eat and eat well. I should've been born Italian or something. Carbs are my BFF.

    PS Lola is SO adorable!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my open letter and giving the boobies some well needed support.. if in spirit only:-)

    I have to say you have a
    BEE-U-T-FULL family! Gosh I miss mine being that small. As for where the girls might end up when little one is done with them. Well they will never be the same. And you can look at that two ways.. sad or in awe that YOU fed your baby and that baby flourished because of the girls. My DH, sweet thing, says the chicks still look great no matter what hemisphere they migrate to.. what a guy huh?

  9. gotta love muffin tops. do they come in blueberry?
    hear that, jeans? make room!

  10. Visiting from SITS and my blog! Thanks for your comments! I don't have "babyfat" but I do have belly fat that I could send this too!! Great Letter!!

  11. Dari, Thanks for your visit and encouragement about having kids and the lovely extra weight that goes along with it!

  12. Visiting from Sits. Love your post. I think I kept 5 pounds from each of my 4 kids. Darn that baby weight! Now that I'm done, I'm working on shedding it. Lots of step classes and weights.
    You look terrific. Just enjoy that sweet baby of yours. They grow up way too fast! There will always be time for workin out later.

  13. ah! so darn right! Time to part ways with these stubborn belly weight! HA! Stopping by from SITS :)

  14. Oh, do I remember those visits! I loved your letter.


  15. Love it! But give yourself a break... 12 weeks?? My kid is practically a toddler and the baby weight (which turned into plain ol' weight) just recently left home. :)

  16. Ha ha!! This was awesomely hilarious!! Nicely done Daris day!


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