Monday, November 24, 2008

C-walkin' Fool

That's right, my lady is learning to C walk, thanks to her daddy :) Chris and I are both fabulous dancers {in our own little ways and definitely in different styles} We are starting out early. Her facial expression is the best, if you can tell what it is. If not, it is indifferent. ha ha We will keep you updated on her progress with this particular style of dance. Hopefully the bootie shake will be next, if she gets junk in the trunk like her mama.

If you don't know what the C walk is, please reference this 30 second video {I checked and there are no profanities in the song... or in this short chunk of it ha ha}

Here is a still of her "dancing"
This is a little bonus for you.
Just the cutest little face EVER!


  1. Oh man! That's great!! She's so dang cute! And already such a good lil dancer!

  2. I love this! I think I have perfected the art of the c-walk and will battle Lola anytime. :)

  3. Oh my goodness!! She is just the cutest thing ever!! She is getting a lot of personality too!! I love her little face in the last picture!

  4. Aren't kids great for entertainment? She is so cute!

  5. ha ha, I LOVE IT! Lola is going to be so cool thanks to the training you and Chris are providing. pS has anyone ever told you that she is absolutely GORGEOUS?! (I'm sure I'm the first one...yeah right!)

  6. oh my c-walk. lol. this was awesome.

  7. Ha Ha of course Chris is teaching the little lady how to C walk! She is so cute! You two need to come over soon!


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