Wednesday, November 26, 2008

12 weeks old

On Sunday Lola turned 12 weeks old. But Chris and I think she wants to be 6 months. She is so funny!

She will lift herself forward while she is sitting in her chair and car seat and wants to sit up all the time. I will not be surprised if she sits up, by herself, far before expected.

She giggles a little bit and is so reactionary to everything around her.

She loves to look/smile at lights and even likes to watch TV every now and then on the big TV in the basement.

She is her happiest first thing in the morning and doesn't stop smiling! I love to wake her up to change her and play with her while she stretches, smiles, and coo's.

Her head is increasing in size which causes her hair to spread aka she looks like a balding man {a little} the tiny bit of hair on the top of her head is even more sparse and the plethora of hair on the back is dwindling a little as well.

She is so excited for her first holiday season and has already been enjoying her first Christmas tree! {I am a little excited this year and put the tree up on Monday... tee hee}

Lola looking at the tree with daddy. {I know the angel is large and funny but my mom gave it to me and I believe her dad gave it to her...}

The tree all lit

We sure love this sweet little lady and can't imagine our lives without her now. We feel so much love for her and each other. We are truly blessed!

During this time of thankfulness I would just like to say that I am so thankful for everything I have. There are a lot of people struggling this year because of our nations financial situation and I am so glad that {so far} we haven't been affected. This year I really want to focus on helping others vs getting lots of presents for our little family. I am thankful that there are sweet people that my family can help out during this holiday season. It teaches you so much more about love and the real meaning of the holiday spirit.

I hope all of you are healthy, happy, and blessed during this season!



  1. Happy Thanksgiving Dari!!! I will miss eating Thanksgiving at your moms this year! :) haha

    I love your tree!

  2. oh and i love your new layout!! so cute! did you do it yourself??

  3. Dari i love you blog it is so cute!! I hope you had a great thanksgiving day!! I miss you tons! Love your gutz

  4. Lola is turning into a big girl!!!

  5. Lola is getting big so fast!
    P.S. Missed you all at Thanksgiving.

  6. Hi Dari! Its Emmalee! Ur cousin! I honestly did NOT kno you had a blog! This is like awesome news to me! Well i just wanted to say congrats on having a baby! She sure is a cutie! Can't wait to see her (and you) in person! Luv ya!


  7. happy late t-day...your tree is so cute!

    oh, and hello...your background header is so stinkin' cute as well...i haven't seen it because i usually read your blog via google reader. so adorable.

  8. I'm so jealous! Today I realized the girls still had some ghost decor in their room and you already have your tree up!


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