Monday, November 17, 2008


Yesterday was Lola's baby blessing and what a great day it was! Our friends and loved ones {some of them, we couldn't invite everyone, my family is way too big for our townhouse/church ha ha } were there and daddy gave a great blessing. Afterward everyone came back to our place and ate lunch and desserts to their hearts content and chatted... *merrily*.

Just a little FYI... not even 20 minutes after her blessing, she let out a huge fart/poop and when we got home to change her she had pooped her tights, bloomies, and underoo so Mamah changed her and gave her a mini bath. Thanks mom! Lola is a funny gal!

Thanks to everyone that came and also brought a little something for everyone to munch on!! You are all a blessing to us and we appreciate your love and support :) On to the Polaroids... {disclaimer} if people are cut out of pics, blame the Poladroid software, it crops it to the size of a Polaroid and Lola had fallen asleep so she is unconsious :P

Best pic! Apparently Chris is too tall for Polaroids. P.S. He took his tie off already so I told him he looked like he was getting baptized HA HA

Thats better

Brit and Jeanette, some of my best friends!
Brit, Mike, Jesse, J nut, Chris, and I {sorry Brit and me got chopped}

Us with Chris' parents, Betsy and Mike-can you tell why he is so tall?

Us and my parents

Now with my dad's parents, Gma and Gpa Gordon, LOVE THEM!

4 Generations

Lolita and I with Amanda and Cheryl
with Ash, Ryan, Leslie, and Little Taya got cut off, I will put the real pic with her on later, she is too cute to not see!!
My whole fam {minus} Elder PooPoo {aka Rhettster Petster PooPoo}
with Snigga and John, Lola loves them!
The bracelets I made for Lolita and I
Pretty Princesses' adorable mug, up close and personal


  1. I agree, the Gordon's are a large bunch!!! Your mom is good to get her all cleaned up...blessing seem so stressful.

  2. awwww I love all the pictures!! I wish I could have been there!! I love your family!!

    How come you used a polaroid?

    Glad it was so wonderful!

  3. We didn't really use a polaroid camera. I just love the fun, vintage look that they give so I downloaded Polaroid software and you can turn your normal pics into Polaroids! :)

  4. Hey new girl on SITS! Just stopping by to check ya out. CUTE pics! Those polaroids make it look cute and vintagey, love it!

  5. I LOVE polaroids!!! That's awesome that they have polaroid software, I need to get me some o that. That pic. of me you and Brit is downright adorable. Love it. And that one of Lola up close is sooo cute!!!! So glad we got to see her on her blessing day.:)

  6. Oh ps. The bracelets you made turned out so good!! So so cute!

  7. Yay! You have a blog! I can't wait for the day that I can meet your little princess. :) She's adorable!

  8. how stinkin cute... CONGRATS on her special day! She's a beauty! WOW!

  9. I love the polaroids! So much fun. Lola looks so cute in her little dress! I love the last picture of her cute face!

  10. Oh she is a doll. And I love your sassy hair cut!!

    Thanks for sharing in my SITS day with me!


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