Thursday, August 7, 2008

Birthdays and such

I thought I should give a baby update since we had an appt on Monday. Well I am not dilated at all and that is partly due to the fact that Lola is doing whatever the heck she wants in here. She is breech still and is doing her own little thing. Doc says we will cross our fingers that she will turn and I will just go into labor, no problem! BUT if that doesn't go so well I need to prepare myself for a C section... don't you worry though. I have been researching how to get babies to turn so I will be trying a bunch of things to see if she will cooperate and do what babies about to be born are supposed to do and get her head out of my rib cage! P.S. She is now 7 lbs... ya we still have a month left.

Here is a method I am going to try to get her to turn, the inversion... looks fun huh?! Hopefully I don't fall on my face. *knock on wood*

Also I will be talking to her, letting her listen to music, swimming and all sorts of things that are supposed to help. But if she doesn't do it on her own I will ask my Dr about having him turn her or going to a chiropractor who specializes in the "Webster Method", a way of turning babies. HOORAY!!! Cross your fingers that Lola will just turn on her own!

Also yesterday was my Birthday!!! The BIG 25!! I am a very selfish and immature person when it comes to my birthday. I want to take the day off work and be pampered and spoiled all day. Well this year I became a big girl and I worked on my Birthday!! {I had the day before off to help my mom prepare for my baby shower at her house that night and I also didn't want to drive back and forth to my house 2 days in a row so I stayed at her house Monday night making it impossible for me to take my bday off because I am also taking Friday off for our annual Gordon family reunion.} But after work yesterday my family{minus Dad} and Chris' parents went with Chris and I to dinner. Chris' mom and I have the same birthday, so double the fun!! We tried to go to the Cheesecake Factory but of course for some crazy reason it was packed on a Wednesday night and they couldn't get our party of 8 in for an hour and a half to two hours. No thank you! We opted for Olive Garden and only waited maybe 15 minutes to get in. Thank you Olive Garden for always having yummy food and fairly fast service! Then Chris and I and his parents went to Whole Foods in Salt Lake and got some great Gluten Free food for the 2 celiacs ;)

So this week has been a little crazy between a high school friends dinner on Monday because Brooker was in town from NY,

Sara, Kelly, Amanda, me, Molly, Brooke, and Jaime

not sure what is going on here ha ha

a baby shower on Tuesday night in Payson, the Birthday's yesterday, and this afternoon we leave for Fairview to camp with the fam and the dogs ;) I am excited for a weekend filled with chatting and laughing, eating, swimming and most importantly causing a ruckus at the pool and my hubby, Paige's hubby, and the little boys getting kicked out! {this will make it 3 years in a row ha ha} Hope you all have a great weekend!

Here is Anna and I, Brit just sent me this pic this week. I had to add it, I love Anna!!


  1. I'm glad you've had such a great week. You deserve to have a nice birthday! We love you so much.

    And tell Lola to get her rear in gear. :) Ha, ha. I'd hate for you to have to do all those crazy things to get her to turn.

    C-sections aren't all that bad, the recovery sucks, but it's not too unbearable! Good luck!

  2. I will keep my fingers crossed for you that Lola turns around. Maybe she is just a lady who does what she wants when she wants, and trust me there is no changing them! I also went camping right before I had Jaxon. Except it was like 6-7 days before I had him, and we only got to go up Mapleton canyon cause my doc didn't want me going too far, just in case! Enjoy your last little alone time with Chris, you will be glad you went!

  3. Good luck getting that kid of yours in line.

  4. Dari, I have to say something, I have not talked to you forever! I noticed that I am supposed to leave a memory of you. Like japenese class and the "bite meat" on your arm!
    Congrats on being so close to having your baby! Hope she turns! It is SO much fun!

  5. Happy late birthday you hott mama! It's getting closer! Wahooo... how exciting for you two. Good Luck all will go just peachy!!!!

  6. Happy, happy birthday! I wish you a smooth and easy delivery... with Lola turned and all. I can't believe how close Lola is to coming. How exciting!

    P.S. Can I just say I love your blog! You are so cute and I love your style in every way. Good luck with all your tricks!

  7. I just got back from camping up Fairview Canyon at Potters Pond, we were probably in the same canyon at the same time. . Crazy! Anyway hope you had fun, good luck with the inversion, it looks somewhat akward and painful. You are the cutest pregnant girl ever though.


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