Friday, August 1, 2008

Big ole BABY blog

This has been quite the baby week! I started out on Monday getting maternity photos from the cutest little lady! She found me on and offered me a free maternity photo shoot and 4 free prints, then a free newborn baby sitting once Lola is here. All we will pay for are the prints we want of our little angel baby. She is just starting to do more maternity shoots and wants some practice. Last night she put up a sneak peek of my photo shoot. They turned out cute! I was a little self conscious because I do not have this adorable little preggo body but she made me look cute and got rid of all my stretch marks, thanks to Photoshop!! So here are a few... too bad she didn't skinny up my pregnant arms HA HA Here is her blog address if you wanna check out some of her other stuff.

Chris is such a little cutie! Notice I have no wedding ring on.... it hasn't fit for months :(

Next was Wednesday night... I had the funnest (isn't that a real word in the dictionary now?) baby shower, thrown by my sweet and beautiful friends- Brittney and Jeanette. They are so awesome to have done this for me! It was so much fun and the food and game were great! I had so many of my amazing friends from all different groups of friends there and we all chatted and laughed and had a great time. I really do have some wonderful people in my life. Thank you all for the sweet gifts you gave Lola and I and for your company as well!! The night was a hit! Here are some pics of me in my preggo glory with all my lovely friends and my lovely sis too!

Cute Jaime sniffing poo aka candy bars

Me, M'Liss, and Kim

Jess sniffing poo!

Amanda and Meagan

Kim and M'Liss

Ann and Ashley

Yay for baby showers!

Ash and Brooke, cute Brooke

Me and sis!

Ash, Nic, me, Jess, and Jaim

Brit, J Nut, me, Kim, Anna, and M'Liss

Amanda, me, and Meagan

My Payson ladies- Brooke, Ann, me, Ashley, and Ash

Thanks everyone!! I love you all so much and am grateful for such sweet friends!


  1. Hooray!! I've been waiting for you to post this blog all yesterday and this morning!! I love the prego pictures!! That one with the bow on your belly is just darling!

    I'm so happy the shower turned out so well. All of your friends are so cute and you got some way fun stuff! Hooray for babies!!

  2. Dari, your maternity pics are adorable! Your new haircut is super cute! Your baby shower looked like fun, hope you got some fun stuff for you and Lola!

  3. I love the pics, they are adorable! I've always thought that those kind of pictures would be fun to get. It looks like you had an awesome shower. I'm so sad I missed it, I had to meet with a florist. Anyway I hope I get to see you pregnant! Your the Cutest!!!

  4. I had so much fun seeing you and all the Payson gals.

    Thanks to Jeanette for helping to plan and organize!!! I love netti!

  5. okay you are the cutest pregnant girl. i think i say that every comment i make!

    can't wait to e-meet lola too!

  6. helllllllloooo hott mama... darling pics. I LOVE THEM

  7. Cute cute pics! I love the one with you and Chris it's so adorable.

  8. Dari you look beautiful! I love those pictures! I can't believe how fast time is going.. pretty soon lil' lola will be here! I'm really so happy for you and Chris. You two are going to be the best parents! and what great friends you have! you're just loved by so many! :)

  9. You are beautiful!!! I love your hair! Lola has a little hot mama on her hands!!! You go GIRL!

  10. How cute are we??? well...not as cute as Lola will be. Love you!

  11. Hooray for you & Lola! It was so fun! I'm glad you liked it too! We had a fun time with the poo game! Oh & those pictures are just so stinking cute! Love it!


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