Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Chad's Birthday

If anyone deserves a Birthday Tribute it is Chad!! He is one of my BFF's {Kristi is the other one}

Here are just a few of the things I love about my bestie!

  • He is one of the most "in touch" people I know. He is always thinking on a higher level. He wants to be happy mentally and spiritually.

  • He always makes you feel like a million bucks. He was {and still is} invaluable when I was a single lady on the prowl. He would leave me notes telling me how great and beautiful I was, it always brightened my day!

  • He is a family man! He loves his mom and siblings and is a great uncle to his nieces and nephew.

  • He is a very good looking guy, even though he calls me every now and then when he feels otherwise and needs a reminder.
  • {Old school Chad and Dari}

  • He is the best girlfriend a girl could ask for. He can tell you what looks good on you and what is not so flattering. That is why he can sell like a champ, like back when we were running American Eagle ;)

  • He is always striving to gain knowledge and grow as a person.

  • He has a magnetic personality. I have not met a single person who doesn't love Chad. Everyone that I have spoken to about him just loves him to death.

  • He loves Chris. It was kinda hard on Chad when I got married but Chad is so great to Chris and Chris loves him back. I love hanging out with my 2 boys!

  • Chad is very excited to be an uncle again {or god-father depending on the day} He is very excited to meet little Lola!

  • Most of all he is a great friend to me and I hope I am the same to him. It is hard not living as close right now but I love it when he comes and has sleep overs at our house!



  1. Yay for Chad! He is one of the nicest, genuine people I've ever met!

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  3. I always love to hear about someone nice, and then see that that are good looking too...the two traits rarely come in pairs...Chad lucked out.

  4. I love Chad!! he is the best thing ever! he always knew how to make a girl feel good!! and he always used to make us laugh so hard! remember when we lived in the condo and he came over and did the penis dance?? I dont think ive ever laughed so hard! Love you Chad! And Dari I love that you are always sooo good to your friends :) You are such a wonderful friend! I am just gonna love you forever!


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