Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Annual Gordon Reunion

This last weekend we went to Fairview with the family. It was a lot of fun and even little Coop got to come along. We stayed with my family in their RV. Thursday night we ate a great BBQ/dutch oven dinner completed with fruit cobbler and ice cream and all sat around chatting. Friday we ate more, chatted more, swam {and some successfully got kicked out}, played games, had a little Birthday party for Grandpa, {his is the day after mine}, the kids hit a piniata and then we watched some old reels of family home videos. That was definitely the best part. Seeing Brad's kick A moustache, my dad's semi-mullet and huge braces, Elizabeth's "boy haircut" and then her performance and triumph at the Miss Lake Shore Pageant. There were many more amazing things but those are some of the highlights. :) Saturday everyone ate a yummy breakfast {thanks Mom} and then headed out. {Pics to come}

Saturday night Chris and I went to a party for our good friend Devin. He got in a bad accident last year at work and messed up his leg, was in the hospital for months for surgery after surgery. Well it has been a year since then and he is doing great! So to celebrate, his cute fiance Lisa threw him a party. It was at Noah's in Lindon and we all had such a fun time, eating, playing pool, playing guitar hero and watching Chris try to kiss Devin on the cheek ha ha {note the pics below...} It was fun to spend time with some great friends and celebrate Devin's journey with his leg.... thus far. He has another surgery today and is in our prayers!

Lisa and Devin

Ryan and Ashley

rocking out on Rock Band- pregnant lead singer, wahoo

Everybody and Ryan's imaginary date

Chris showing Devin some love

and again, apparently I think that is very funny... Ash looks intrigued as well...

Last night some of my friends took me out for a belated Birthday dinner to Happy Sumo!!! It had been way too long since I had eaten there!! I think Chris and I may go again this week to use my Birthday gift card there! I can't get enough. After dinner we shopped around a little and got some carmel apples at Rocky Mtn Chocolate Factory... yummy. But we forgot to take pics :( So thanks ladies for a fun night, you're awesome!!
P.S. Also we are selling a desk on KSL if anyone needs one, here is the link....
We are selling a dresser too but we have had tons of calls for it already. Uts probably gone tonight :)


  1. I'm so jealous of the Happy Sumo eating...Daren swears he will NEVER eat sushi. At least my family goes occasionally.

    Fairview was fabulous. I really enjoyed it this year...Especially when I was there by myself(without the usual compadres Daren, Seth, Megan...) I'm proud to say out of all the Cregg/Susan children I was there the longest! Awesome!

  2. Nobody rocks Rock Band like a super pregnant woman.

  3. Fun and more fun! I can't believe Lola is going to be here so soon!


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