Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Wow do I love this show!! It makes me wish I had stuck with dancing!! I watch my old dance videos and cry myself to sleep when I think of the wasted potential.... OK maybe not that bad. But it does make me miss dancing and want to start doing it again. Not to mention that all our Utah peeps are in the Top 16 still!!! I danced a bit with Thayne at UVSC, Kelly can testify to that. She did too, we would all sit in the hall and chat in between dance classes and such. He is a sweetie, GO THAYNE!!!
I thoroughly enjoy watching this show every week, thank heavens it is on 2 nights in a row!! I love to see how beautifully these contestants dance and the fun choreography, I just love it all! I thought I would include the most awesome audition I have ever seen!!! I loved this guy and so did Chris. He does some crazy shizz, you have to watch this guy, it is worth the time! {If you don't want to watch his intro, fast forward to 1:00} Well when he gets to Vegas, he freaks because he has never been in an actual dance class and doesn't know how to handle learning choreography....... so he freakin quits. Before the judges even get the chance to see him dance and decide for themselves. He lost points in my book for that, but man, he is AMAZING!!!

Also Joshua is such a sweetie!! He warms my heart and surprises me with his hidden talent every week!! I really liked this dance!

Yay for dancing getting the recognition it deserves and for all the talented people on the show this year!!!


  1. Alright, so I feel the same way entirely! I have high standards for this show because I was in LOVE with season 2..and the first week of actual competition I was let down thinking it was going to be a girls season...but then last week I felt was a guys week. I really liked Susie...but I've been quite happy with all the ones who have left. The only one I'm really ready to leave is Jessica.

  2. I loved both of these dances, too. Robert should come back next season! He is amazing at what he does.

  3. I LOVE this show!!! I made James watch it for the first time. He told me he hates when I make him watch my stupid shows and he ends up liking them.

  4. I LOVE LOVE SYTYCD! I am so loving all of the dances Tabitha and Napolean are doing! Okay, so I totally think we should sign up for a dance class together as soon as little Lola is born because I MISS dancing so MUCH! Seriously after watching SYTYCD, I dance around my house all night long...and I'll admit I get pretty emotional about it sometimes too!

  5. You are reading my freakin' mind. I am in love with this show. Mark and Chelsea are rocking my world. Their dance this week was a tear-jerker. I've even gotten Erik into it, which is awesome.


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