Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Annual Park City Adventure!

Once again we headed up to Park City with all the Payson Ladies (minus Brooke, she lives in NY). It was a great time! Ashley, Molly, Sara, Tina, and I packed in Ash's little Honda Civic {good gas mileage} and drove our butts up to Park City. We met up with Leslie and this is how day 1 proceeded:

  • Eating a yummy lunch at the Brewery
  • Looking at the shops on Main Street... looking, we are not millionaires ha ha
  • Getting Carmel apples at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
  • A quick trip to the outlets- I gave in and bought a maternity swimsuit...
  • Pedicures/manicures at the Tip and Toe nails or something of that nature.

{Leslie and Molly}

{All the pedicure ladies... curse my friends for being short and small while I am extra fat and fluffy ha ha}

{Ash with the famous wax hands}

{Tina with the wax hands}

  • Met up with Amanda and Kelly
  • Fought with the rental people because the key to our huge townhouse didn't fit the lock, so we ended up being DOWNGRADED to a little condo without a private hot tub... the pics below are Ashley dressed up, acting like the dumb broad we had to fight with about the arrangements. Don't ever make reservations through Bear Hollow- I think that is what they are called.

{Our tribute to the whore in the rental office, yes I just said whore! Note Ashley's fake stuffed boobies, heinous lip liner, ratted hair, and snacks. Yes the woman was snacking while being infuriating and "helping" customers!}

  • Made din din and ate lots of snacks...
  • A surprise baby shower for me and a surprise wedding shower for Kelly! I got so spoiled, thanks ladies. Ash has the pics of the shower, I will post them soon!
  • {note the ever so cute froggies on the feet of this outfit!}

    {an industrial-sized box of wipes, perfect!!}

    {Kelly opening her fun "naughty" gifts ;)...}

  • Talking and snacking all night!

day 2:

  • Eat a yummy breakfast that Tina and Sara made (I believe)
  • Go to the outlets and shop more!

  • {Molly, Kelly, Ash, Sara, me (and Lola), and Amanda... apparently something was funny}

  • Everyone leaves but Ash, Tina, Sara, and I. We shop a bit more
  • Eat some yummy food at Park City Pizza
  • Head home after being tired and too hot!

{Sara, Molly, Kelly, Tina, me (and Lola), and Amanda}

We had such a great time! I love these ladies and am so glad that we all stay in touch and stay great friends! We made a deal to try to get together more often, like every other month or something. So here is the reminder to everyone, we have to do it! We have too much fun when we are together. Thanks for the great shower and gifts and an awesome weekend girls!

Love you lots! :)


  1. I should probably hurt you for putting that picture on your blog, however, when I look at it, I laugh really hard and think about how lame that beast was. I agree, we need to get together more often. I see Sara, Tina and Les every month at Bunco, but we all need another excuse to have fun. Yeah? Love ya!

  2. Yay for park city, girls trips, eating, shopping and other fun girl stuff!!

  3. Why do we have such a hard time breaking away? I'm glad you guys got to have such a fun escape!

  4. Looks like you had a great weekend! Thanks for posting pictures of the Payson girls! Fun too see them!


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