Monday, June 23, 2008

Mommy-dom is nearing!

I am starting to realize more and more each day that this little creature growing in my tummy, is in fact a baby, a human being, a real-life mini baby (for now).

It is so much fun to feel her move around all the time and tell me things like, "your elastic band on your maternity pants is too tight so I am going to kick the crap out of it" OR "you are hungry and that means am I as well, so I am going to wiggle until you feed me" OR "I am bored because you are sitting at a desk all day, not moving, so I will elbow you slowly across your belly". But I love feeling her move pretty much constantly lately. It is a reminder that she will be here soon!

As of yesterday I am 29 weeks. That means only 11 more weeks till Lola is here and if she keeps growing like she is, who knows, she may come sooner! As of June 12th, the Dr. guesstimated that she was 3.5lbs and then proceeded to say that she is a BIG baby. I go again on Thursday so we will see how much she has grown and also find out how my glucose levels are. They were a little high last time, so I get to do the test again.

{Lola and I.... she is getting big}

We are finally starting on Lola's nursery. I have been buying cute little things to decorate with and have her bedding picked out. Now I am just saving my pennies so I can buy that dang bedding. Why do all the cute ones have to be soo expensive?! I wish I could sew wonderfully, so I could just make some. But even the cute home-made ones on Etsy are $300 or so...

Here are some fun things for the nursery. The painting and bead boarding shall commence after the 4th of July holiday is over and my mom is done remodelling my grandparents bathroom while they are on sabbatical.

{Here is her oh-so-cute bedding set}

{The next 2 are a set of prints that I found on Etsy that were made to match her bedding!!! (they were customizable, hence the "Lola Beth") I just need to get frames for them}

{Last, I found this sweet print on Etsy also, it's customizable as well! I need to get a cute frame for this too!}

I am excited to dig in and really get going on the nursery! I will post pictures of the progress as we go. This is my first remodel project in my house so I am nervous but excited because my mom is GREAT at this stuff and I am sure it will turn out gorgeous! Then I will attempt the other painting and various jobs I have been procrastinating around the house :)


  1. SO cute! I love it all!! I think Lola is going to be the most HIP baby on the block!

  2. Oh, my! The patterns/color schemes are so cute! I love them! I tried to get Kacee to check out Etsy for when she did Paislee's room. What were the other one's we liked on Etsy? I want to say they were called Boo & something...

    I cannot believe that little Lola is going to be here so soon. Not soon enough, but nonetheless, soon. Don't forget that I'll record the blessed event for you. I need something interesting to put on my MySpace anyway.

    I love my Darnetta. Should I be flattered that you and your mom are both dreaming about me?!! Ha ha!


  3. My sister loves Etsy. She gets her purses from there(I think..) I'm so excited for you. It weirds me out a little that there is a baby moving around in someone. Babies in bellies have always creeped me out a little! I hope everything goes well...

  4. What cute bedding! Etsy is such an awesome concept--horray for all the super talented people out there! And here's hoping these last several weeks are good ones--despite how you're feeling/thinking the longer she's in there the better!

  5. Yes Chad, that other cute store on Etsy is "Belle and Boo". SOO CUTE!

    Everyone should shop on Etsy!

  6. Those things are all so cute! I love love LOVE the bird prints, it's going to look so cute all put together!

  7. Oh so cute! She is going to have the most adorable nursery ever! It's so crazy she's almost here and you're going to be a mommy!

  8. That bedding is darling! I love the lil' birdies! Pink and green are my favorite together! Super cute! I'm excited to see your nursery when it's all finished. :)

  9. SUPER CUTE!!! I can't wait to see her room when it is all finished!! Love the colors!

  10. Man...look at you...I think I will just shove a crib our spare bedroom/ "the rocker room" and call it a nursery.



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