Monday, June 16, 2008

Papa's day!!!

This weekend we were able to spend time with both of our dad's. Friday night and Saturday we were at my parents house. It was a lot of fun to just relax, eat food, shop for Father's Day gifts, etc. Saturday night we went with my family to eat at the Pizza Factory, yummy!

Sunday we were back up north and we went to a fun BBQ with Chris's parents and their good friends/family. It was a celebration for Father's Day and a couple of birthdays too!! Our friends/family up north are a lot of fun! We love them so much!

Here are a few things about the great dad's in my life!

My daddy-o, Ron Gordon

He is seriously the nicest man I know! Ever since I was little I wanted to marry a man just like him. He is so nice to everyone and makes everybody feel like they are important to him. I think that is why he has been successful in his business- he treats everyone like they are his most important customer. I am sure that he honestly feels that way too. He cares so much about everyone. He has done so much service for those around him and has given me a love for services as well. He has provided for our family since way back in the day when it was just him, mom, and I in the funny green trailer on the farm. {and before I was around too}
He has come to my dance concerts, piano recitals, choir concerts, and more. He has always pushed all of us kids to be the best we could be and be an example to those around us. He has such a strong testimony and has helped mine grow as well. My favorite little gift he ever got me was a license plate key chain that said "Daddy's girl". It fell off my keys later and I was so sad, that the next time he went back on vacation, to the place he got it, he bought me another one. {I still think I am his favorite, sshh} He is so loving and I am so glad to call him my dad!!! Not to mention he is gonna be a great grandpa soon!!!

Next is my hubby Chris- he is a daddy now to Lola but will officially be so in Sept.
Chris is the funnest and sweetest person I have ever met. This big guy wears his heart on his sleeve. He loves eveyone in his life with such passion. He cares so much for his family and friends and is great at keeping in touch with them. If we are in the car driving more than 5 minutes, he is on the phone with one of his friends checking in on them. He treats me like a queen! That was always my main requirement in looking for a husband, I found that and more. He is so sweet to me and always looks out for me before himself. I know he has sacrificed for me and I appreciate that so much.
He is very, very excited to be a daddy! ! He was the one that was putting the pressure on me to get going on our family and I am soo glad that he did. Lola is such a blessing already and she is still in the womb. He loves to feel her move and kiss my tummy. What a sweetie! Last but not least, this guy is Hilarious!!! He is the creepy guy hanging out in the back of the pics of my friends and I, he is an expert dancer, karaoke singer, and comedian. He makes me laugh EVERY single day!!
Next is my papa in law, Mike Perry {all my pics of him are wedding ones and they are on my other computer, I will add some later} ;)
I see where Chris gets his caring nature. This guy, whether he knows you or not, will give you a big ole hug upon arrival and departure. He is so sweet and funny. When you see him you think, that dude is BA (bad ass) with his beard and tattoos and Harley shirt. {I think those are the only shirts he has, they are awesome!} But man, is he a sweetheart. He always asks how I am doing and his granddaughter as well and really cares to hear. He is so excited to be a grandpa, he tells us all the time! Him and Betsy take care of me since I am a ways away from my parents. :)
Mike always cooks us the best meals. Yes, he is the cook in their household. He is good at spicing everything up and making an awesome southern meal. Whether its baked beans, pork chops, fried bologna, BBQ'ed meats or his plain old Mac and Cheese which really isn't plain or old at all. It is always delicious! He will buy me cute baby things when he sees them and spoils the crap out of Chris and I. We feel a little guilty sometimes, but who's complaining.... not us!!!
I feel so very lucky to have these men in my life and I couldn't imagine life without them. I love them all so much and appreciate all they do for me. They truly are 1 in a million!


  1. Ah such a wonderful blog! You are a lucky girl!

  2. u're a heart. looks like ya got some good daddy's (men) in your life! YAY!

  3. Your dad rocks! I like how our dads are friends.
    I didn't realize you weren't on our blog list... I added you now. you are offically cool.

  4. Yay! But just to let you know, I'm dads favorite!!

  5. Dari I have never met your cute dad but I can attest to his kindness!! He gave me such a great deal on those tires and he didn't even know me :) Yay for Chris being a dad! You both will be awesome parents!! Im excited for two!


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