Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day- ode to my mom

I decided I want to do a tribute to my Mom for this Mothers Day. I totally slacked on doing her and my dad's birthday tributes, so they get Mothers Day and Fathers Day tributes. Because they deserve them!
Here are some reasons why I LOVE MY MOM!!!
* She is the most organized person I know.
* She is such a good example of hard work.
* She makes the face below in some of her pictures, which I have lovingly named the "muppet face"

* Her any my dad are the cutest couple ever!

* She helps him run the family business and does all the financial part of it and more...

* She is a great example of being financially responsible. She taught me well and I think most of it stuck ;)

* She is ALWAYS there when I need a shoulder to cry on or some advice. {even when I am crying about something like stretch marks, being pregnant is hard...}

* She understands my concerns and always gives words of wisdom and love.

* She loves her girls. She loves all of her kids but now that Nicole and I are both gone, she loves the time she gets with her girls ;)

* She always makes her kids feel special and supports us in whatever endeavors we may pursue. Even when I played the clarinet for 2 years and then quit because it wasn't "cool" anymore.
* She has always been great at telling me she loves me and writing me cute letters to tell me how proud she is of me, etc
* She makes holidays fun and does cute stuff for us kids. Not to mention, she is one heck of a hostess and volunteers her house for our HUGE family get togethers. {she is one of 10 , yes 10 kids!}

* She loves Chris and her and the family have embraced him with loving arms.
*She is a great cook! I love that when I eat at her house, I am going to get a good healthy meal that I won't feel guilty about eating ;)
* But most importantly she helped raise this crazy bunch of people below. She will be silly with us and we are silly A LOT!!!
She is so amazing, sweet, loving, on-the-ball, generous, fun, and giving!!! Her and my dad have helped Chris and I out in so many ways. Not to mention that her and my dad got me the cutest maternity outfit for mothers day. They are so awesome!


  1. That was a sweet post. Your mother sounds great. I realize I've been around her but she's always so quiet when I'm around...or maybe I'm just not around enough?

    Where did Nicole move to? Is she still doing hygiene?

  2. Your mom is so great and is so fun to talk to! I always enjoy being around her.

  3. Oh cute!!! Your mom is just darling.

    Muppet face, har har. That made me laugh.

  4. Mom's are so wonderful! What would we do without them! So...funny story: I was actually talking to my co-worker just today about how I played the clarinet until it wasn't "cool"! Hooray for middle school!

  5. aww i love your mom! i miss her too! and she is such a GOOD cook! i miss coming over on sunday afternoons, eating a really good meal and then all of us taking naps together! it was GREAT times! you tell your family i said i miss them!!

  6. Your mom is so adorable and I can see a great resemblance between you, your sis, and your mum- how fun! My Dad is also 1 of 10 kids! Crazy! He's #3, what number is your mom?

  7. I really am diggin the "muppet face".. made me laugh! Your mom looks like so much fun! Not to mention you look so much alike... She's one pretty mama! That was a great tribute! :)
    Also, I just wanted to say how great I think you are! You are going to be a wonderful mama Dari! Your lil' Lola is so lucky to have you and Chris as parents! :) Hope you had a great Mother's day!

  8. Yay for Aunt Lynette! I love your mom too. She is a great hostess, and is very good at the "damage-control" big family parties sometimes need. :)

  9. Dari you will be an awesome mom...and anytime you feel like crying over stretch marks again give me a call ;)

  10. Your Mom is definitely a sweetie! I can still remember hanging out at your house growing up and thinking she was so beautiful and way too nice. I love the good ol' days at the Gordons. What a fun memory! I know for a fact that you will be just as awesome of a Mom. Happy Mother's Day (belated)!


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