Thursday, May 8, 2008

Babies & Bikes

This Saturday Chris and I participated in the March of Dimes- Walk for Babies. Our work was one of the sponsors for the event and sponsored all of us that walked. It was so great to not only get out and exercise, but to feel like we were taking place in doing something to help a good cause. Some of the families with preemie babies were there and they had little posters telling the stories of their babies and were walking for their children and others. It was only 3 miles and they had breakfast and waters for us. It was such a fun thing to participate in. I wanted to share a video with all of you that tells you a little bit about the March of Dimes and the walk. On the official website it says that Premature birth touches over 1,000,000 babies and families a year. The research and education they provide helps to keep those babies alive so they can live full lives.

Here are some pictures from the walk. They did the Weber/Davis County walk at Layton Park, it was great weather and that park is beautiful!

{some of the girls we walked with}

{Chris in the shirt that our work gave us to wear}

In other news:

I pulled out my bike on Tuesday and rode it to Young Women's!! That's right, my chubby pregnant body riding my bike down state street in Clearfield haha It was so fun! I love my cute bike!
This is my bike {Electra Coaster} and I admit, it is one of my most prized possessions. But I have added upgrades to mine a.k.a. a basket and bell :)


  1. I have serious envy issues over yours and Netti's bicycles. I want a pink one really bad! I thought pregnant women weren't supposed to ride bikes because it puts too much pressure on the cervix. I don't know if that's true or not but they said it on Scrubs once :)

  2. Looks like fun! Your bike is adorable! My Mom and Dad won bikes like that from good ol' Payson Market!

  3. I am officially in love with your bike! way cute! I still haven't talked my parents into letting me take one of their new bikes out for a ride... they think I'll break it... i do have a tendency towards breaking things...

  4. I'm requesting a picture of you on your bike! I have a fun bike too that I bought last summer, I need to dust off the cob webbs and get my fat, nonpregnant butt on it! :)



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