Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cinco De Mayo

Yes, we had a ladies Cinco de Mayo party. Hosted by the lovely Jeanette at her new, adorable house. It was a great time!!! Here are the highlights:
The decorations

The loverly Food and Pina Coladas

Taking crazy pictures, as usual!

The piniata! (and the "twins" underneath it)

The fact that after Jeanette hit the piniata down(first person to swing), so we proceeded to take swings at it like a softball game.

But most of all, the company! I love you ladies! {L to R: McCall, J Nut, me, Kim, B'Rit, M'Liss, Nat, Sarah, and Sindee}


  1. Love Cinco de Mayo!! Isn't it so great to have amazing girlfriends! Girls nights are so much fun! Dari you look beautiful as ever by the way! :)

  2. Hooray for the 5th day of may!!! Thanks for bringing your blender!! Without it (and Brit's skills) we would not have been able to partake of the blessed Pina Coladas!!

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  4. The past 2 weeks I've heard more people mention Cinco de Mayo than I had my whole life. I must attend a Cinco de Mayo party sometime, it sounds fabulous.

  5. I love that you had a Cinco de Mayo party! So did we! Any reason to get together, eat and drink pina coladas works for me! We actually had someone come to our house to drop something off and ask "so who is Mexican?" Uhhh, nobody!?!

  6. That looks like so much fun. I should do something like that for the kids next year. Too cute!

  7. Aribbbia! How fun. Love the pinyatta! ALso I saw Nichioles car yesterday... love it and love her! She's super cute. We're setting her up with Colt's cousin!!! CHEERs to them

  8. What a fun night! We seriously need to have parties more often! We should plan a big celebration for Kim's birthday (the 29th) and my birthday (the 9th of June)! Huge girl's night extravaganza!

  9. You are so good about keeping up your blog. I haven't posted in years... yes years. And I have had exciting things happen! Gosh... sure do miss you!


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