Wednesday, May 14, 2008


My friend Jennie tagged me a while ago and here I am FINALLY getting around to doing it :)

What is his name? Christopher Michael Perry

How long have you been together? 2 1/2 years

How long did you date? a year and 3 months

Who eats more? I might sometimes right now, in my "condition". But we are pretty even.

Who said 'I Love You' first? He did... and I think I said thank you... and a few days later or so, I said it back.... I am rude!

Who is taller? Chris, he almost has a foot on me :)

Who is smarter? we are both the most smartest! But in different ways and in different subjects. If we are dealing with a sales person or math, me. Sports or quick and smart rhetoric, Chris. (amongst other things)

Who does the laundry? Mostly me, but Chris helps out too.

Who does the dishes? We take turns.

Who sleeps on the right? me

Who pays the bills? We both do

Who mows the lawn? The nice Hispanic men that the HOA pays to do it ;)

Who cooks dinner? We both do, mostly me though. Lately mostly take-out or Chris's dad...

Who drives when you are together? It depends on who's car we are in.

Who is more stubborn? We both are... that is why if we start to argue, Chris turns it into a joke and we laugh! He is awesome!

Who kissed who first? He kissed me.

Who asked who out first? He asked me. But I initiated the first contact (via email) which then lead to him asking me on a date. Ya I am one of "those" girls.

Who proposed? He did...

Who has more siblings? Me, he had ZERO. That's right, only child.

Who wears the pants? Me...but we trade off at times.

If you have a significant other and would like to complete this, please feel free!


  1. Love the "i love you" comment - I still get crap from my hubby for saying "thanks" the first time he said it to me. ha ha

  2. I've seen this tag a couple times, and every time I see it I wonder from what perspective it means when it says "who sleeps on the right?"

  3. I loved it! don't think I'm racist, but I loved the mowing the lawn part- it gave me a good chuckle...thanks!

  4. "thanks"....that cracks me up. this was entertaining. i like tags.


  6. Him and I have the same name!!!!!!!!!


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