Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Being grateful!

I have been wanting to post something for a few days and I am having a hard time coming up with anything to blog about... so I thought I should probably do something worthwhile and that is when I decided that I don't talk about my blessings and things I am grateful for enough... So here are some things I am loving lately or are just plain thankful for!

~My cute husband always!

{Chris and John}


Oh heartburn....


~Bottomless Express Lunch Special at Chili's and

There are some sweet mommies on these websites that have been fun to get to know, ask questions to, and also I love my babycenter emails every week. Telling me how little Lola is growing!

~Cooper and his little noises he makes when I am not giving him enough attention

~Good Friends

~My family

~Rhett on his mission


~Good Music

{Circa Survive- The Difference Between Medicine and Poison is The Dose}

~Cheap Maternity Clothes at Old Navy

~This book to occupy my time now that all the best TV shows are wrapped up for the season. {and that cute lil Angela from the show was pregnant this season and had a little baby girl in the beginning of May!}

Many more things too, but this will suffice for now :)


  1. ohhhhhhhhh those are CUTE posts. Love 'em. Now you got me thinkin all the things I'm greatful for. Wahooooooo. p.s. i love your baby's name! CUTE!

  2. I love the pic where your friend is grabbing her own boobs. :D

  3. way to perk up my day Dari!

  4. Yesterday my girls watched a cartoon called "Charlie and Lola" and I thought of you! I loved seeing all of things you are grateful for they made me smile...I thought that was your belly in the picture with Cooper,until I realized it was a little too lumpy (I hope.)

  5. Ah what a wonderful post. I am so grateful for you my Darnetta! XO

  6. you're family picture is really darling!

  7. I am grateful for good friends too!:) This is a darling post.

  8. You should add the less than 100 days to the countdown! I'm so excited!!! It's always good to look at the good things, way to inspire!

  9. You cute lil' Dari! Good friends are good. I like good friends. Thanks for making me think of all I'm grateful for!


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