Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I am slacking...

Due to my lack of great things to talk about, I have been avoiding the good ole blog. But I have enjoyed catching up on everyone else's each day with my trusty google reader!!! Love it!

So here are some fun things going on in and around the Perry home lately...
  • Lola is moving tons and growing a lot too, I can tell by the lovely beauty marks {aka stretch marks} she is giving me... at least she is WAY worth it! {Colee and I, she is my #1 sister and aunt to be}

  • Kelly Anderson is getting hitched... that is right! {as are 2 of my cousins, that exact same weekend... busy} To a man with the same last name so she will forever stay Kelly Anderson ha ha :) Here she is telling a rather engaging story on our last ladies trip to Park City. Isn't she precious! August 16th is the big day... I believe.

  • The Payson ladies are gearing up for another rip roaring year of Park City fun at the end of this month. That means way too much girl talk, snacks, laughing, reminiscing, and sharing TMI!!! {We wish Brooker lived closer so she could be there, but she will be visiting this summer!!!}

  • Chris has been playing massive amounts of softball and a little basketball to boot. So I am getting good at trash-talking the other team and yelling at the Ump when he/she makes stupid calls. He is currently playing in 3 leagues and is loving every minute of it!

  • I am still enjoying my calling as the 1st counsellor in the Young Women's presidency. We are doing all of our camp certifications now so we can mostly play up at girls camp. It is ward camp this year. Being pregnant, I am not looking forward to sleeping in a tent but luckily (haha) I can't take too much time off work because I am saving up for maternity leave so I will only be attending the last few days. Thanks to all the other ladies that will be there more than me, they are awesome aka Jaime, Monica, and Alysha ;)

  • I am trying to get ready to be able to leave my job for a couple months for maternity leave... I am the only one who does it so therefore, I have to train someone to do what I will not be doing and figure out how to do the rest from home while on maternity leave. Thinking about this stresses me out, so instead I read blogs and keep pushing the organizing off... OOPS!

  • Soon we will be starting the babies room... How much goes into this room is based on how big my upcoming bonus is... everyone cross your fingers. We are trying not to buy too much baby stuff yet, since we still have showers and things to attend. But we have purchased the crib. It is so cute and I used my negotiating skills TWICE with RC Willey and got them to come down on the price not once... but twice. Hip Hip Hooray!! It's a 4 in one bed and we love it! {here is a crappy picture I took at RC Willey the night we bought it. I will put a better one up when we re-assemble it and get going on the nursery}

  • Last but not least, my cute Babycenter email picture. This is me... I am definitely radiant when I wear my authentic Mexican Muumuu that was hand stitched by sweet Mexican ladies. My parents picked it up for me on their cruise. It is close to being the bane of Chris' existence, which is why I wear it as often as possible. To remind him of what is to come in the future.... Muumuu city baby!

Nicole modeling my muumuu before I received it. She is cute.


  1. Google reader is fantastic isn't it. It saves a lot of time...except I'm a comment whore just as much as a blogger so I still check peoples all the time to see who commented and what they said. Even though 99% of the time I don't know who they are.

    Getting a nursery ready would stress me out... Mainly because I wouldn't know what "practical" pieces to get I'd get cutesy things that wouldn't last til the next child came(assuming I have children..)

    And most of all, I'd DIE if I had to get ready to have someone take my place. Because, I too, am the only person at work doing what I'm doing...let alone know how to do it. My dad doesn't even really know how. I'm nervous for if I ever get sick(thank goodness my immune system is on our side) I can't imagine if I had to have maternity leave. Good luck!

  2. I haven't seen you in forever it feels like!!! Look at your belly!!!!!! And I just love that crib with all my heart. Probably the cutest crib I've ever seen in all my life to be honest.

  3. Dari, your blog always makes me smile! I love your posts, and the fact that you actually wear your mexican muumuu! I can't wait to meet miss Lola... I hope the Cowan's get invited to one of your showers... =)

  4. You are so Grandma with your muumuu! I love it. Cute pic of you and coley too. Love the crib too--good job bargaining. I need to take you next time I go furniture shopping. I feel like we haven't had a family thing in a LONG time. We girl cousins should get together sometime.

  5. Ummm...that is the cutest crib ever.

  6. The new crib is adorable! I can't wait to see it in real life. I'm so excited for you guys! And next time we hang out you better be wearing that muumuu! Speaking of which...when are we going to hang out again? I'm already missing the Perry's.

  7. I love the recap posts and pic of you and Nicole!


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