Thursday, May 22, 2008

Idol of sadness...

{Disclaimer: sorry if I am a creep for acting like I know this guy and was overly-emotionally involved in the happenings of last night... with that being said...}

...Ok maybe its not that bad. But I was fairly shocked that my little man David Archuleta did not win last night. Both of the David's are very talented but I am sorry David A's voice is unbeatable! That lil guy has talent emanating from his fingertips.

I do know, however, that taking 2nd place on American Idol ain't a bad gig. He will have just as many, if not more, opportunities than his competitor David Cook. I wish them both luck in their future careers in music but I wish a little extra luck on our Utah native, humble, sweet, adorable David A!

Sorry my life is so boring right now that I am posting about American Idol and not my "real" life.


  1. I totally feel the same way. I didn't even watch Idol so I won't even compare the two of them. However, with the feeling like you know them I got that way over Sabra from SYTYCD. Just because they are Utahns I feel like we share a special bond and I know all these things about them. I'm also sad he lost!!

  2. I actually think it would have been better for both of them if Archuleta won...Archuleta is perfect for an Idol produced record, but Cook would probably be better off finding a separate producer.

  3. American Idol is real life to those of us that lack it. . . :) hee hee That was the worst!! Im so sad to Dari!! If you ever need anyone to talk to about it you can come to the sniggerdu. . . hee hee thats not creepy at all??

  4. We're not quite sure how I got sick. We saw Chris in line at the show. That was fun. It'll be fun to see you out more after you have cute little Lola!

    I've never watched American Idol--am I lame or what?

  5. I'm finally getting over the huge upset... ha ha its ridiculous how wrapped up I get in reality T.V. On to the next greatest show... So You Think You Can Dance! :)

  6. K, thanks for this. 'Cause I totally agree. I mourned the loss o' Davie A. {single tear} I'm almost over it.

  7. PS: Sweet 4D...she's beautiful!


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