Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Minus the Bear show

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Minus the Bear show.. here is a recap: I am a very honest person so please don't get offended by my blunt and sassy nature ;)

We got there and claimed our front row spots on the balcony, however they were not letting us bring chairs in from the patio to sit on- MAJOR BUMMER then it took forever for the show to start, so I went outside to breathe and Chris did a less-then-desirable job at saving my front row balcony spot (he is too nice)... When I came back in, I loudly and purposely said, "You didn't do a very good job at saving my spot, did you?", so the dumb girl standing next to me could hear me. (I am such a jerk sometimes!) So this lead to her asking me about it later and saying, "He didn't say anything when we came up here", "I guess all is fair, huh?", she was trying to be nice but I was having none of it! {I am a moody pregnant lady on rare occasions and this was one of them} So I said, "Ya he sucks at being firm sometimes, I am a biotch, I would have said something." and I was not nice to her. I was thinking don't talk to me lady, now my hubby can't stand by me...

Well a few minutes later I guess she had been listening to Chris, Josh, and my conversation where Josh offered my baby a beer {completely joking obviously since none of us drink and especially me while being with child ;) }... HAHA Because she said, "Did I hear something about a baby, are you pregnant?" So I told her yes, blah blah blah and she proceeded to tell me that she came to this show last year while she was pregnant and that Minus the Bear is her FAVORITE and on and on and we talked about how we were both paranoid about the smoke, etc but didn't wanna miss the show and that ONE night of a little 2nd hand smoke should be OK. So I decided I would be nice and just get over myself. But then she proceeded to get drunker and louder as the night went on... she kept talking to me and screaming for the bands and yelling replies to their answers (ex. they say, "How is everyone doing tonight?" and she replies, "We're great guys!") Oh kill me now... but I think, "She is being nice to me, don't let it bug you". Then she says, "Sorry, I am really loud. I just love these guys. I am sure people are thinking 'shut the f*** up, but I would say mind your own f****** business back to them" and then laughs {real classy, drunk lady!} and I say, "You are fine".

I look around and Chris is gonzo... so after Portugal the Man finishes up, I go to find him. He had moved down a ways and said he was going to kill that obnoxious girl and had to get away from her. So we went downstairs and sat at a table with a comfy bench for Minus the Bear, then Chris bought a t-shirt and we headed out pre-encore.

Moral of the story: The show was good but the progressively-getting-drunker girl standing next to me, was NOT!

Last thought: Minus the Bear never play my favorite song "Absinthe Party in the Fly Honey Warehouse"... well we left before the encore to beat the crowd, also we were tired and sick of the faint smoke smell. So as we are driving by the venue to leave, what are they playing??? Yep, you guessed it, my favorite song :( Oh well. No regrets!

So here are some Minus the Bear treasures for you all to enjoy.

This video is stinking HILARIOUS!


  1. Oh man. I hate annoying people who ruin shows! Sad that you didn't get to hear your favorite song, but glad that you had a mostly fun time at the show! Boo to annoyingness.

  2. She could have been such a great one to people watch had you only been further away from her! The best ones to people watch are horrible when you get gotta keep your distance, like a "Animals in the Wild" documentary filmmaker.

    I'm sorry she messed up the concert! Lame.

  3. oh totally get the people who make the shows not so fun! did we tell you about the time i almost got into a fight with stupid people after a concert? Meg will tell you! Love you :)

  4. I wanted to see them last night, but I skipped out cause I saw them last year. Sad I missed the show--not sad I missed the drunken wreck. Remind me to tell you the story of drunk girls at Taking Back Sunday sometime...

  5. Oh Dari, I think you've been taking lessons from me. We all know I can't seem to keep my mouth shut. Let's hope you calm down after the preggers. :)


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