Monday, April 21, 2008

Cheryl's Birthday

It has been a couple weeks since we went to dinner for Cheryl's birthday but I just got this pic and had to post it. I love these ladies! We played all the time back in the days at Old Mill and most of us at Carriage Cove too. So many great memories with these girls (and our shinanigans)and now we are married, engaged, pregnant (in my case).... and Cheryl is still looking for that "one". But she is a hottie, school teacher and will have no problem with that! We ate at Jason's Deli and then hit up Steve and Barry's, who knew clothes could be so cheap, ahem, I mean "inexpensive".
Amanda, Cheryl, me, and Meagan


  1. cute friends!!!! How fun ya gotta love the girlies get together... they rock!!!

  2. p.s. does jamie do your hair?? who ever does... it looks GREAT!

  3. Oh man...Carriage Cove...I never lived there, but the times I had...good ole Robb, Richie, and Ryan.

  4. Oh cuteness! I still have to get some of the pictures from this night from Cheryl! I'm glad you could make it down that night and that we could all drool over your cute prego belly! We need to get together again soon!!!


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