Friday, April 25, 2008

20 1/2 week baby update

Here she is... Miss Lola. She is growing and is wonderfully healthy! I had my appt yesterday and the Dr said I am doing perfectly! I was so happy to hear that. Lola is now 15 oz, almost a pound! {That is so little.} He also said she is still a girl, for sure and that she has a good amount of fluid to happily, swim around in. He also said that because I have a good amount of fluid in there, that her "Target Ultrasound" (4D) will get some great pictures. So look forward to seeing Lola's cute face after my appt on May 15th!!! How exciting. She was moving around like a champ during her ultrasound and although I have been feeling her move A LOT. He said I am not feeling her all the time, because there is so much fluid and so she just swims. :)

Here is her cute little side profile and her legs tucked and you can see her arm and fingers in the front {sorry this is a picture of the picture, so it isn't as clear as the original}

In other news, I am glad the weather is supposed to be a little warmer today! I am so anxious for summer to get here! It is for sure for favourite season. After all I was a summer baby myself ;) So here are a couple of summer tunes for you. "Such Great Heights" came on shuffle on my itunes this morning and I had to listen to the whole CD. You gotta love "The Postal Service"! So here is to reminiscing on summers past...

Sleeping In

Such Great Heights


  1. How exciting! She looks like such a beautiful baby already! I'm with you on summer being the best season! I am so sick of the snow and cold!

  2. Bring on the summer!! And bring on the 4D pictures of your cute baby girl.

  3. YAY for summer! I can't wait! Your cute lil Lola is gonna be here before you know it! I loved being able to feel baby movement.... sooooo sweet, there is nothing like it!

  4. Her profile is so adorable! You'd think she'd be more than 1 lb the way they make them look so big on the ultrasounds!! I do not get how they do those 3D and 4D pictures, it just doesn't make any sense to me!

  5. Hmmm...You must drink alot of water. It's funny to think that you have a mini swimming pool in your tummy. I love that.

  6. absolutely MELTAGE... yup so darling already. CONGRATS!!!!!

  7. ok i want to see your baby belly! in person! and i want to feel lola move! i am jealous that other people get to be there!

  8. How do you know Karli? (I saw your post on her blog). SHe's my sis. Crazy.

  9. Dari!! wow. . haven't seen you forever. . and you are having a baby!!!

    i'm so excited!!

    oh, the wonderful world of bolgging.


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