Monday, March 10, 2008

Spontaneous girls night

It was so much fun this weekend to hang out with Brit, Sindee, and Jeanette. Brit text me to see if Chris and I were going to watch the New Nervous play in Logan, we had wanted to but when it came down to it, it was going to be a really long drive to see them and Portugal the Man and have to sit through 3 other bands that we didn't want to see and Chris forgot he had a small paper to write. So we were teetering on not going but then Brit invited me to go to the Gateway with her and Sindee. Chris, being the sweetie that he is, said "Go and have fun babe, if I decide to go to the show, I will go alone". Well it didn't take much convincing. Plus the girls were meeting at the Gateway to eat at Happy Sumo and we all know how I feel about Happy Sumo ha ha

{Netti and I}

On the way to the mall Nutter text me and told me she was coming too!! What a fun little girls night! So we tried to get into Happy Sumo, sadly the wait was 1 hour and 40 minutes {don't go to Happy Sumo on weekends or the night of a Jazz game} We decided to try Thaifoon. They had around an hour wait, so we looked around some stores and ended up eating at Thaifoon. That place is awesome as well. I really like their food. After dinner we headed over to Barnes and Noble and scavenged through the books. It was so much fun and was nice to have a mellow night with the ladies. Thanks for a fun night girls!

{Brit and Sindee- the opposite twins}


  1. Hooray for girls nights and asian food. You should email me those pictures when you get them uploaded. Most definitely.

  2. did i make the asian experience a little better? i know i can do that sometimes just by sitting next to you in an asian restaurant... it's weird but cool.
    Thanks for the fun evening!

  3. I have been having problems, too. I finally just added the photos one at a time.

    I'm a total dork and just realized you have a blog here, not just myspace. This is so great!

  4. We totally are the opposite twins..and you can tell in that picture! I am big & she is small. A fun night indeed! Oh & Sindee ALWAYS make asian experiences better!

  5. I love random girls nights, nothing better. How fun! You look so pretty in these pictures.

  6. Oh man! I'm so jealous! I'm sad I couldn't be there...


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