Friday, March 7, 2008

Boring blog!

Ok so I know I have been very boring lately and i apologize for that ha ha I guess I haven't taken many pictures lately or I haven't been doing too much fun schtuff!
This week has been pretty mellow... Last night was very fun though. Jeanette, Jesse (her boyfriend), and I went and ate at Happy Sumo. It had been way too long since I had eaten there. In all honesty, I could eat there again tonight and be completely content!! I love that place!!! I was very proud of Jeanette, she ate sushi at Happy for the first time. {she has eaten a little sushi before but never at Happy} It was a success too! She loved it! She got the Vegas, wrapped with soy paper, which takes out a lot of the fishy taste and weird texture. I got my usual and of course we ordered edemame. Very tasty indeed.
{Click on the menu to make it bigger, I got the BSCR :) Now you can all crave sushi too!}

After that Jesse took off and we browsed the mall. We found lots of cute things at Urban, realized we were not willing to pay what they were charging and left empty handed. But I was very proud of us ha ha

So a fun night was had and I went home and watched LA Ink. Thank heavens for DVR!!! I love that show! Moral of the story: a very fun night and if any of you wanna go to Happy Sumo, call me, I will join you for sure!!!


  1. Ok so what is your usual? (I love Happy Sumo sushi. I was thinking about it the whole way to work, and then I get this...I'm going to have a freak out if I don't get it soon!)

  2. Yum, yum, yum!! My sushi was delicious!!! I can't wait to try it again! I'm glad that we atleast got some cute glasses at Forever 21 so we didn't have to leave the mall completely empty handed. Now if only Urban could lower their prices, our lives would be heaven.

  3. I LOVE sushi!! I'm the pickiest eater ever but I do love Happy Sumo.

  4. Can do the sushi myself...but I think all peeps that do, are cool.

    Kits'll be in the mail Monday...and I'll email you the legit price after I


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