Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Picture Re-cap...

First of all... I changed my music player and added all new tunes, so ENJOY!!! It has a bunch of my favorite artists and a new favorite "The Bird and The Bee"-very good stuff!!!

So I uploaded a bunch of pictures from Chris' camera yesterday and wanted to post them on her for a little re-cap... but Blogger was hating me yesterday, so here they are today :)

1~ Bear Lakes as we like to call it ha ha

My attractive husband and Soof/Seff

The day on Bear that we were stuck in the "white Squal" we definitely shouldn't have lied to the nice man at the gate and told him we were pulling our boat out and then went out on the "Perfect Storm" style water!! ha ha Good times!

Hot Chubbin!



Jibbers aka Jibbles and Bits {and the community Teddy Grahams}


One more of Seff- for good measure

2~ Randomness

The Chris'
Cutie Tami

Baby Lucy making a funny baby face
New Years Eve!
Latest Bear Lake Trip

The boys 4-wheelin in the Jeep

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  1. Oh, how I love me some Seff. Cute pictures. Loving the new tunes!


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