Monday, February 18, 2008

Salt n Pepa and the family

This last Saturday Chris and I went down to Payson to visit the fam. It was great. It included watching funny videos on Youtube, lots of snacking, watching the Ugliest Dog Contest on TV or the Slam Dunk Contest for the boys, eating at Los Amigos, and of course this following video.....

Salt n Pepa- PUSH IT

Don't act like you don't love it! It all started with my mom wanting to watch Apollo and Julianne do their "raunchy" dance to this song on Dancing with the Stars. You also know you all loved that dance too!!! It was so much fun! So we watched that and my mom said she liked the song they danced to. I said. "You know who sings that and how old it is right?" But she didn't know so I proceeded to pull up this video and we were laughing so hard and loving it. So then we wanted to watch "Shoop" also. I started Shoop and began reciting every word and the next thing you know Nicole was coming in singing every word as well. My mom was so confused at how she had heard Shoop and some of their other songs but not Push it. ha ha So we listened to Push It again and had a grand time.

Then I told my mom about Salt n Pepa's reality show on VH1. I LOVE that show. It is so cute and fun! If you haven't watched it, you should check it out. I admit it, I like some and I mean SOME reality shows. I am picky but some of them are so addicting! Here is a little preview for ya'll. It is now the second season and they are friends again and they have some funny adventures!

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  1. Here's a fun fact- or just a rumor- Salt or Pepa...not sure which or both... went to Logan High. Not sure if its true but just a little fyi.


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