Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The life of a domestic goddess~

ha ha I wish!!! But I must say last night I felt like one. I was doing really good at cooking there for a while when I first got pregnant but then that all went to pot! I would get home from work, be a ravenous pig and couldn't wait even 15 minutes to prepare food and then eat, hence we have eaten out a lot lately. Well last week we went grocery shopping and I had planned out what I wanted to make and had some great new recipes to try from this site that my friend Angie told me about {thanks Ang} Sunday I decided I was going to start a new and cook this week like a good little housewife "should". Last night I decided to make mexican food! Part a recipe from my mom for some awesome mexican meat and beans for taco salads and the other other part this Chili Con Queso- Revved Up from the website mentioned above. Man was it fun and I felt so great about myself that I even cleaned the kitchen and did some laundry to boot! Here are pictures of my adventure!

{Queso mid preparation}

{Queso complete... mmmm}

{yummy meat and beans}

{Cooper begging me to "throw him a bone" aka drop some food on the floor for him. Especially the olives I was cutting up!}

{the finished product, gluten-free salsa and everything!}

I almost forgot. On Sunday night Chris and I used the breadmaker we got for Christmas from his parents and made some delicious gluten-free bread! I was so excited when it turned out yummy and Chris was dancing around because he was so happy to be able to eat yummy bread again!

So this week has started out great, we will see how the rest of the nights go. Lastly, I have this really cute picture that I got on my pregnancy email last week {I think...} it applies perfectly. Last night after I finished cooking, I hardly ate any of it because my stomach was not having it... the joys of being pregnant ha ha

P.S. My 100th post was a couple ago... hip hip hooray!


  1. Mmmmmm....that Queso looks delicious. I am very proud of you. Yum, Yum! And happy Chris gets to eat bread again. I think I would be completely unhappy if I couldn't eat gluten. Poor Chris. Yay for gluten free salsa and bread! And yay for you being domestic. :)

  2. I am so happy that you like the Pioneer Woman Cooks website. Isn't it great? I think that lady is so hilarious! Look at you go! Poor Jeremiah does get to eat yummy meals! His wife is a bad cook!

  3. that queso really, really looks good. I use to cook all the time too! Since Daren and I have such different schedules I don't anymore. Is Chris allergic to gluten? My life would be over without gluten, lame I know.

  4. Good Job! I love to cook good food.... if only i did it more often!

  5. Way to go Dari! That looks delicious! I bet Chris is loving all this great food your whippin' up!

  6. Thanks for sharing that website! I've been trying to be a good girlfriend and cook instead of stop and pick up dinner. :} I used to cook like crazy and now that I have someone to actually eat it I've lost my touch. So New Recipies are always great! I thought of you this last weekend though cause I made Kevin Chicken and Rice, and you used to let me make that for you!

  7. Mad- I loved that chicken and rice stuff you made!!! I wanna eat it again! I remember it was rice and cream of chicken but did you cook the chicken a little before you put the it in the oven with the cream of chicken stuff? Or cook it in the cream of chicken??


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