Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Rhett's big day at the MTC

{on the way to the MTC}
Sadly, I was not able to attend the MTC with my cute little bro. We had a rough week the week before with having to miss work for being ill and a family emergency in Chris' family. So I couldn't afford to take the day off and spend the gas to go to Provo and back. I just called Rhett the night before and told him how much I loved him and then proceeded to BAWL all night long. I couldn't stop. I thought I had mellowed a bit but then I started to say Chris and I's bedtime prayer and started up again. I felt like a fool, but Chris was sweet and I blamed some of it on my pregnant hormones {good excuse huh?} I finally cried myself to sleep. But I really was so excited for him and am very proud of the young man he has grown into and the great decisions he has made thus far in his life. :) {eating breakfast}

My parents were out of town as well when he went into the MTC so Nicole, RoLee, and Ryker got to take him. My parents were on the trip I mentioned below, so they didn't have any control over when they were going. But all went well at the MTC and here are some photos.

{what a cute missionary!}

{My cute siblings}

{the boys, don't mind RoLee's face, he didn't feel well and Nicole said he acted pretty oblivious to the fact that Rhett was leaving.... he is an odd duck}

Thank heavens for, it makes it so easy to write my cute bro, since after I get home from work my brain shuts off and I sleep a lot of the night away ha ha


  1. Oh Dari your so cute! I cried for three weeks when my brothers left! And I wasn't even pregnant. . :) Its such a bitter sweet day. The MTC is horrible be glad you didn't go :) Im glad your getting your toof fixed! hee hee

  2. Dari, I almost got a little teary-eyed just reading your post. I had the tight chest and tingling in my face. I miss Carlee! It's hard to send a sibling on a mission. You've got such a cute missionary brother.

  3. Don't worry, I cried the whole week before Joey left...and for a few days after! I even started cryin at school! I just couldn't help it! its sad to watch them leave, but awesome to think about the influence they are going to be on the sweet people they get to teach! I'm gonna miss that brother of yours! he's always so sweet!

  4. He'll be such a good mish, my brother sctott just loves him. That's such a sad day at the inn when they leave. The mtc is awful, you are lucky you couldn't go... trust me you'd be ballin even more. CHEERS to Rhett.

  5. Hooray for missionaries! Diddo the MTC being hard to attend--just think of the excitement when you & baby Perry get to see him come home off the plane.


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