Thursday, February 7, 2008

Beautiful Music soothes the soul

I have already done a post on the Editors but these guys are one of my favorite bands. They make beautiful music and it always takes me to another place when I listen to it. Some days I feel like I will go crazy at work, but if I put on certain music, it takes me to another place and I actually rnjoy my day :) I tried to get a couple of their new music videos but those sly devils have not put any embedding codes on youtube, etc. So here is an old favorite.

-Chad, I think I have shown you these guys before, if not listen to both albums "The Back Room" and "An End Has a Start". You will love both of them. I think all of you would :)

Editors- Munich

One more song. The new Radiohead album is amazing, if you don't have it you need to! They released it independently and for the first few months it was out, they didn't put it in stores or on Itunes. you could go to their website and download it for a donation... meaning you could pay as much as you wanted or download it for free. They love their fans and they are in it for the love of music. It now is out for purchase in normal stores and this is the first album they have put on itunes so go buy it!

Radiohead- All I Need {fast forward to 2:20 for the music to start}


  1. I love the Editors!! Great stuff. Radiohead's new album is also great stuff.

  2. I love the Editors! It takes me back to American Eagle big time. I love that you love music. I t think that's why you and I get along so well. Music really takes me to another place too. I have always said that I'd rather go blind than deaf. Music is so much more beautiful than any sight I could ever hope to see. Little Bean Perry is getting bigger each day, isn't SHE?


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