Monday, February 4, 2008

My parents vacation

I don't have all the details but I do know they had a great time and sent me a couple of cute pictures from my Uncle's blackberry. They went with my dad's side of the family for my grandma's 80th birthday!!! They went on a cruise to the Carribean and got to stop in all sorts of fun places. It was all the aunts and uncles that went and sometimes I wish I was invited because they go to the most fun places :)

So here are a couple of pictures of my cute parents. The pic said they were in Tulum.

Here is the best part! They brought me back a moomoo!! My sister modelled it and sent me a pic on my phone yesterday ha ha Let me tell you what! I told Chris and he was teasing me and saying I could never wear it around the house and I said, well you better get used to it because when I am old, all I am wearing is moomoo's! ha Ok maybe not but I will love sporting this thing around and I will love it forever after my mom told me about the sweet Mexican people that hand stitched it down there :) That is some nice work!


  1. FUN!!!!! I wanna go cruisin! Congrats on the little one. Wahooo

  2. Ha Ha I love it! I cant wait to see you model it for us!!

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  4. um...Nicole looks even hotter that usual! looks like they had tons of fun! I bet it will be comfy when your farther along! your are gonna be so dang cute with a baby-belly!

  5. Ha ha. I could totally see you as an old lady in a moo moo. Naw, you'll be much more hip than that... My mom is bringing you pages on the 13th! Yay!


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