Monday, February 4, 2008

First girls night of '08

This last Friday, the girls and I got together and had a great night! We met and ate at PF Chang's. I love that place. Sadly, my body has decided that it despises my favorite hot and sour soup that they serve there. It handled it with just small stomach pains Friday night but Saturday night I tried to heat up my left over soup... BAD IDEA. It sounded good to me, but my body thought otherwise and before I was halfway through, yep it came back up. {TMI, I know, but I am getting used to this awful pregnancy illness and I need someone to feel bad for me ha ha jk} Anywhooo, after dinner we went to the Gateway and looked around and oddly enough I didn't buy anything! Good job me!! It may have been because I know I won't fit into anything in a couple months so whats the use??

After that all the girls headed home except for Ali and I. We continued the night by seeing a movie at the Broadway. It was great! We all had such a fun night and I am sad to say that out of the 3 or more cameras that were present we were only able to take one photo the whole night, last minute, by a man that did not seem happy that I asked him to take it!! Ha ha He said yes to taking it so I didn't feel bad one bit!


  1. I love that you have "girls nights" with friends! So much fun!

  2. I DO feel bad for you!! Throwing up is the worst. I went to Red Robin...which is my favorite place and a drive to Layton to enjoy...but I went on Saturday and ate the wonderful Bleu Ribbon Burger and threw it up when I got home. Total bummer dude. So I really do feel bad.

    Moomoos! THAT ROCKS! And you CAN fit into that in a few months!

  3. I'm sorry you threw up your Hot and Sour soup. Major boo. But I am not sorry that we went out and had a great time on Friday night.:)

  4. Oh & sour soup doesn't sound good to me in or out! I'm sorry for you being sicky poo! I guess that's what a baby does right? That night was fun! Oh & I thought..for some crazy, strange reason that you already knew what you were having & that it was a girl....I guess we'll see eh?!


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