Monday, January 7, 2008

Our new computer!!

Chris is going back to school and this semester all of his classes are online so we felt like he "needed" a better and more suitable school computer. Plus he has wanted one FOREVER! So here he is with his new Apple computer!

Of course there will be many "Photobooth" Sessions to follow. We finally get the internet today so I can post some of them on my blog now from the comfort of my own home :)

Oh and I had to show you the cute lamps that I found at Walmart of all places! But they are so cute and look great in our bedroom!! Now we just need to patch the holes where the ugly old wall light fixtures were and paint our bedroom and we will be set!! {I know its the box but it was too dark to take a pics of the actual lamps ha ha}

Hope you all had a great weekend!!


  1. Has Chris lost weight? This picture of him makes me think so. Jesse has an apple and i love the photo booth, ha. Way cute lamps by the way.

  2. I love those lamps! I tant wait to see them all set up in your cute room!

  3. I love getting new toys! Go look at they have lots of fun backgrounds, the only part that sucks is when you put it on it's takes off all your side-bars. I just re-did the ones I wanted and left the others off, I did loose my counter though! Oh well now I don't have to worry about who it is that's looking at my blog I guess! Anyway thanks for the comments. Good Luck with the new Toy!

  4. Hey, that's my same computer! He's going to love it... Well, you'll love it too because I'm sure you'll be on it more than he is!

    By the way, thank you for all those nice things you said about me. You've always been my biggest fan! I love you!


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