Monday, January 7, 2008


{Rhett's buds shootin it up, he's on the far right}

The 4th of this month was Rhett's Big Mission Birthday!!! I was lucky enough to go through the temple with him and many family members and friends when he received his endowments and what a great experience that was!!! A bunch of his and Nicole's friends were there. He was glad to have worthy friends and family that could be there with him. (Chris had to work so he couldn't make it. :( But beside that it was perfect!)
He was recently called to serve in the Tampico, Mexico mission! He will speak in church on the 20th of January and will enter the MTC on the 23rd of this month.... how time flies! So here is Rhett's birthday tribute!


  1. He is very sensitive young man. He feels bad if he offends anyone and can be a sweetie. {thanks to having big sisters and no big bro's- I think} ;)

  2. When he was little he pee'd his pants till he was at least 5 ha ha ha We tried everything to get that kid to go to the bathroom ON THE TOILET. Which leads to the next thing...

  3. His battery-powered underwear! After pull-ups, rewards, punishments, etc didn't work my Mom resorted to these undies that had two metal strips inside the fabric that snapped into a battery pack in the back, when those strips got wet.... they made the loudest alarm sound you have ever heard!!! ha ha I think that finally did the job. { I eventually used those panties as part of a science project... ya I hated science, obviously}

  4. When he was little he would disappear all the time. We would think he was playing in his room and the next thing you know, my mom's best friend Jill would be on the phone informing us that he was at her house. If he wasn't there then he was at the Steven's, Cowan's or Grandma and Grandpa's {the cute old couple that lived around the corner}

  5. {Benny and Rhett}

5. He was also an escape artist. One day he got in trouble and was sent to his room. We knew he couldn't leave because we were watching the door. Well it got really quiet in there so we went to check up on him and he was GONE! He had taken the screen out of the window and left! Mind you he was only around 4 at the time {I think} ha ha

6. He is a very good example to his friends. He has ALWAYS been a good kid. He has a strong testimony and has shared that with others. He would always be very sad when his friends would do dumb things.

7. He is the ladies man. He is always dating someone. Rarely has he dated a girl for more than a few months. {much to mom and dads relief!} One day Rhett brought a girl home and Chris said, "Is that Vanessa?", full-well knowing that it wasn't. Rhett said, "No" with a look of HORROR on his face. But seriously, I don't even know all the names of the girls he's dated!

8. He loves to tease and play with his younger brothers... even though he takes it too far sometimes ;)

9. He is a hard worker. He does a great job with helping my dad out at the shop.

10. He is good with his money. He saves it and buys things he has really been wanting or just keeps saving it.

{Rhett and Matt}

11. He is the hick of the family. He drives a big A truck and likes country music. The rest of the kids wonder where he gets his CRAPPY taste in music ha ha :)

12. He is fun to talk to and hang out with. It is so weird that he is so old and can relate to me in some ways. I feel bad that I haven't gotten to know him better in his older years. He is gone with friends so much that I rarely get a chance to sit down and chat with him. But I hope he knows how much I love him!

13. He is nice to everyone and has lots of great friends. He was a Student Body Officer in High School and did a great job serving his school.

14. He is so excited to serve the Lord. When he got his call, he was so stoked because he wanted to learn Spanish and now he will!

    {boys and Rhett on the far right}

    15. When he was little he went by Rhetster Petster Petster poo poo {added by the Big sis's.}

    16. When he was a wee one he would give aunt Julee kisses on the lips and one time they shocked when they kissed and from then on he would kiss her and say, "ouch". It was so cute!

    17. He is a scared-y cat! He went and saw "I am Legend" and made my little brothers sleep in his room for the next few nights. He will deny that he was scared though and will say they "wanted" to sleep in there! He must get that from my Mom ;)

    18. He is a very handsome young man, as you can see from his pictures.

    19. Lastly, when he was little he would let Nicole and I dress him up as a little girl and we would call him "Rhetterina" ha ha ha I thought I was his mini-mom. I always loved to help Mom out when I could.

I love you Rhett and hope you had a great day!!!! Have a good Birthday dinner tonight and you are still in trouble for not doing it closer to us so Chris and I could come! :(

{Rhett and Rolaids}


  1. I can't believe that Rhett is 19! When Kari found out that she was doing her student teaching at Payson High I said it would be fun to have kids from the ward and neighborhood in her classes. I even made the comment that she might have Rhett in one of her classes. My family was quick to inform me that Rhett had already graduated and that he had his mission call!! Where does the time go!!

  2. Rhett is super Cute! I miss seeing your family on sundays for dinner! I used to love how much fun they were. Rhett was always to cute to me! I hope he has a great mission!

  3. ode to the electric underwear! that is sooo funny! i remember your science project... it was pretty cool! rhett is one great kid.... he will be an awesome missionary!

  4. I can't believe that our little brothers are old enough to be on missions! makes me feel super old! I'm gonna miss seeing Rhett rolling tires every morning! he always waves at me! I love your Birthday tributes!


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