Thursday, January 3, 2008

My chad

He is such a sweetheart and tomorrow he is moving to Arizona forever {I hope he hates it and moves back soon... ha ha JK... or am I} I stole this cute post that he made and put on his blog of our fun day this last weekend. I love you Chaddy and wish you all the luck in the world in your ventures in Arizona.

Here are a few things I love about my BFF Chad Grant Cox {Corotani}

  • He is the most thoughtful person I know, he always used to write me notes telling me how beautiful and amazing I was when I was having dating trouble back in college.

  • He is handsome! All the ladies wish he were straight...

  • He is so creative. Hence his profession- hair stylist. But he also decorates his house great and is getting to be a pro at Photoshop!

  • He has morals and values and tries to be the best Chad he can be.

  • His family is the best!!! I love Les, Kacee {and her sweet family}, Jeremy, and lil Daniel.

  • He appreciates good music, even though some of our tastes vary. ;)

  • We can sit and have girl talk forever! He is a great listener!

  • He can always make me happy!

  • He is enthusiastic about life, when something gets him down he makes goals and starts over fresh with a great vigour!

  • He can be silly with the best of them :P

  • He is so insightful and has wise thoughts and advise.


  1. Chad is the cutest! I remember fun times with him back in the day! Good Luck Chad!


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