Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Weekend -O- Fun

This weekend was a lot of fun!!! Friday I went to dinner at Happy Sumo with my good friend Ali! Then we had to check out the new Urban Outfitters at the Gateway, yay there is FINALLY one in Utah!!!! I got a cute beanie (in the pics below) but that was all the spending I was going to do there. I was proud of myself for only buying that ;)

Then we headed over to Barnes and Noble to look for a Gluten-Free cook book for my love. (We found out he has Celiacs, on Thursday, it's rocking his world a little. We are only going to buy Gluten-Free things to eat in our home.... it will be hard but at least he will be healthier and

Hey, maybe I'll lose some weight in the process!)
So we lingered at Barnes and Noble and then browsed around Dr. John's at the funny panties and such... Meanwhile, our men were at the Circa Survive concert together and having a blast.

Saturday was the day that Chad was coming to town!!

So I spent the day cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning!
But it was awesome because I got soo much done. I even scrubbed the kitchen floor and organized and cleaned our guest bedroom, which until this point was basically an over-sized storage room. It was transformed into a comfy guest bedroom and had fresh sheets for my friend Chaddy.

Around 4:30 or so Chad arrived and I was so excited to see him. Him, Chris, and I went and ate at El Burrito in Clearfield, it was yummy, they even had a dish Chris could eat! After that we went back to the house and watched

one of the sweetest, heartwarming movies ever. It is a bunch of short films by different directors and they are all centered around

After that we went to Pace's and got some yummy rainbow slushes, Chad had never had one and loved it so much that he got a little over-enthusiastic and drank the whole thing and got a BRAIN FREEZE ha ha

Next Chad and I (Chris had to go to bed because he worked at 6 in the AM) went to my friend Amanda's boyfriend's 80's style Birthday Party. We danced and took pictures and had a great time. This is Cheryl and i at the party! One sad thing that happened was that Amanda's NEW camera got stolen by some dumb girls, that they didn't know, that showed up at the party, so the rest of the pictures of all of us, leg-warmers and all, are GONE!

Cheryl and I

After that we headed home and reminisced to old music on the way. At home we got in our pj's and watched family guy and then hit the hay.

All in all it was a great weekend and I had so much fun with Chad and I miss him all the time. He is moving to Arizona soon and i am NOT HAPPY about that! But I know it will be good for him and that he will thrive down there and can become successful in his profession :) I love you Chadly!!!


  1. What a fun post with all the colors & fonts! Sounds like an awesome weekend--I have yet to try Happy Sumo, but I'll get there one of these days.

  2. Lots of great things about this post: The colorfulness, your cute as hell beanie, your Chad bff is handsome as ever.

    Negative things: I am pissed at whoever stole Big Sis's camera, that's bullshit, those lil bits's!! And Boo that Chris can't eat gluten. I would die.

  3. Oh ps. Another great thing, the Paris movie, as you know, I am obsessed with Paris. Can't wait to see this!

  4. That was the most funnest night ever! I love you, Darnetta!

  5. Dari!! It looks like you had a great weekend! Can you tell Chadly that he is the cutest ever! So many memories when I see a picture of him! Love the kid!!


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