Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New bedroom set :)

So we got a new bedroom set for a Christmas present from Chris and I to ourselves and from his parents and my parents- aka no presents under the tree anywhere for us ha ha. But that is ok because now Chris actually fits on our bed and if I roll over I don't bump into his face tee hee I love to sleep with my arm under my pillow and my arm was always in his way. We decided a cal king was definitely a great idea for us and my husbands giant heightness. The only problem is that the delivery dudes showed up without our dresser or night stand and then proceeded to tell us that they are on back-order until ???? So we called the customer service woman and she informed us that they will not be delivered until the 30th!!!!!! BOO to that, thanks a lot RC Willey for broadsiding us with that one. Anyway, here are some pics of my incomplete bedroom set ha ha (at least we have the bed to sleep on)

Our poor mirror, all by its lonesome. Don't mind our ghetto tv stand
or the VHS's stacked next to it ha ha

This is the missing night stand

and the missing dresser to go under the mirror


  1. HOORAY!!! You got your California King. Looks great in your room!

  2. Love love love it Dari. I'm wishing I had a king.

  3. Nice! I love getting early Christmas presents! At least you'll have something nice & comfy to wake up in on Christmas!


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