Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sara and family

Dave, Sara, and Lily came to visit this weekend. We went and ate at our favorite Chinese place, the Mandarin Palace and then came back to our place to hang out. Lily is about 8 1/2 months and she was adorable!!! She loved Cooper, they said she had never seen a dog before. She immediately grabbed his face fur and held on for dear life. Cooper started to whine and we pulled her litlle hands free. But it taught Coop not to mess with here. Every time he would come by she would flail her arms around and he would bark, then she would laugh and laugh it was so cute.

She is such a cute and happy baby. We had a great time hanging out with these guys. Sorry about the bad lighting in the video. We were in my basement and it looks all reddish.

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  1. Oh I haven't seen Lily since PF Chang's! So's so big--so cute--awesome video.


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