Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My cute family

Chris and I have been lucky enough to see my family both nights this week so far. On Monday night we had a pre-Thanksgiving Feast and went to my Grandpa's class room at BYU and sat at the long lab tables and ate yummy food. He also just got a new lab finished, so we got to see that and he was very excited to say that numerous people have told him it is the nicest room on campus. He let us go and look in his office as well. This may not sound entertaining to an unknowing by-stander, but what needs to be understood is that my Grandpa is a well-known Marine-Biologist (among the scholarly Marine types) I have been told he is one of the only if not the only one in the intermountain West. He teaches Biology and Marine Biology at BYU and has since the 60's. This equals he has a great collection of sea creatures and sea life collected from going on sabatical every year to research marine life and take samples and has also been taking a group of students out with him every year for the last I am not sure how many years. They go for 6 weeks every summer. His amazing specimens and samples and sea creatures are displayed in his class room, lab, and office. It is awesome to see all of these displayed and see how many he has. He also is an antique collector and everything in his office is antique, it is BEAUTIFUL.

My grandpa is a sweet, loving, jolly, intelligent, refined, and distinguished man who has a great sense of humor. Which leads us to the next part of the night, he wanted everyone to dress up as pilgrims or indians for our feast. It was great! Everyone looked so cute and Grandpa proceeded to make up and sing an Indian Feast Chant (so cute) That is one thing I love about him. He loves the funny, cheesy things that bring families together. He loves showing slides of us when we were younger and reading us stories and writing stories to read to us. I am very grateful to have such a wonderful family on both sides and Chris' too now, that love us so much!

Here is Nicole with our silly Grandpa

Ava and Chase

My family :)

My "real" family. Notice RoLee not doing anything... that is the funniest part to me HA HA HA

Last night we met up with just these folks above plus Rhett's girly friend Breanne and went to Mimi's Cafe for lil Ryk's birthday. He is the cute little guy in the red, he is 11 now, our baby is getting so big! Afterward we all went to the mall so Ryker could pick out a birthday outfit. He went straight to Zumiez and found exactly what he wanted. That's my lil bro!! He looked very handsome! Chris and I got him the new FOO FIGHTERS CD and he was stoked (yes we are instilling good music into his life at an early age and I must say he is catching on well and is actually well-versed in his knowledge of music and movies for that matter) I love Ryker becuase of the following ELEVEN items for his ELEVENTH BIRTHDAY:

  1. He is energetic to the max.
  2. He can carry on a conversation with anyone.
  3. He has a strong lil guy testimony of the gospel and will tattle on anyone who is watching a rated R movie or doing anything questionable (can be annoying at times...)
  4. He loves music!
  5. He always has a hug and an I love you for me.
  6. He texts me from my mom's phone and makes sure to say "Oh and this is Ryker if you were wondering". ;)
  7. He will sit on the internet for hours and research new music and movies. He loves Itunes and IMDB, he will know the Producer and Director or most movies you quiz him with.
  8. He is smart and does well in school.
  9. He is whitty and can make people laugh with his humor.
  10. He is the baby of the family and is spoiled to death.
  11. He is a future director and makes homemade videos starring his big bro RoLee and the Robison's (the neighbors). He likes making action movies and loves using humor in them as well. He is getting better at switching camera angles during a scene even though he is filming with only one camera.



  1. Your Grandpa is Adorable!! I loved reading all about him and his fishy's! I would love to see his office sometime. You guys all look so cute as lil cowboys and indians! I love it. Ryker is adorable ps.

  2. I love that little snitch, Ryker, too! Tell him I said happy birthday!

  3. DARI! I am so excited that you have a blog... they are so fun and an awesome way to keep in touch! See you soon...Marilee


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