Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving weekend

I was lucky enough to get work off on Friday and have a complete Thanksgiving weekend. I was so excited!! On Wednesday night Chris and I went to Jason's Deli and ate a yummy din din then did some grocery shopping for his Gluten-Free diet. After that we hung out with John and Tami briefly but then Chris' tummy started acting up (there must have been hidden gluten's in his dang Jason's Deli food :( ) So we cut the night short and hung out at home.

Thursday we slept in and later went to a movie with Chris' parents :) Then it was time to head over to Kim and Steve's house for dinner. Steve is a great cook and made two turkeys (one in the oven and the other deep fried) the deep fried was my favorite, soo tasty! Great stuffing, green salad, rolls and a relish tray. I ate two full plates... WOW! Then the rest of their family (and our friends) came over and ate dessert and looked through the adds for good deals. They get up way way early and go out... no thank you. I headed down to my parents with Cooper, Chris had to work 10p to 6am so he would join us later. We stopped at grandma's and got to see the family for a few and eat a quick piece of pie :) That is one thing I missed about not going with my family this year. I believe I played a lot of Guitar Hero 3 for the rest of the night!!! I love it, there are a lot of good songs on the new game like, Fall of Troy, Block Party, The Kaiser Chiefs, Gallows, and many more!!

Friday I slept in again and then my mom, Nicole, and I headed to meet up with my Grandma B at BYU Bookstore (boo) I hate going there but it is tradition and we help grandma pick out books for the grand kids. After that we went to lunch at Brick Oven and I got the Market Room Buffet and ate to my hearts desire, I figure I already ate like a fat girl on Thursday, I might as well finish off the weekend ha ha Grandma was done after that point, so we headed to the mall. Next was Best Buy and Circuit City. The one thing I really wanted was a great deal on an X box 360 package, it is all Chris wants and he keeps reminding me of that and he even taped the ad for it to the bathroom mirror so I wouldn't forget. ( I laughed soo hard when I saw it up there tee hee)
Well everyone was out of them... so I didn't end up spending almost any money, that is the only good thing about it :) That night the family was lazy and relaxed and Mom and I caught up on the Grey's Anatomy we had missed Thursday.

Saturday Chris finally made it down to my parents and we all watched the GREAT BYU GAME. He was rooting for the Utes and trash talking my brothers but in the end the better team triumphed!!!!!!!! GO BYU!!!! I like both schools but BYU runs in my blood since that is where my family has all gone to school and my 2 aunts and grandpa are professors there... After that Chris headed up to meet his dad for dinner and the TOOL concert. So I met up with Ali and Molly and ate dinner at Smokehouse, it was tasty. Later that night Ali and I met up with Chris, Scott, and Lauren, chatted and then watched "Hot Rod", it was so hilarious. Some of our favorite lines were, pardon the language... "Somebodies dick hole is gonna get smashed", "I have been drinking green tea all day long..." then he proceeds to open a can on some guy ha ha there are many more but I can't think of all of them at this moment.

Sunday- We had a yummy family dinner and some great naps and then mom gave me a bunch of her Christmas decor that she didn't want (some of them were pretty cute) and then it was back to Clearfield for our little family aka Chris, Cooper and I. When we got home I couldn't wait to put some decorations up, so I got started and remembered that I had my nativity that my mom had given me 2 years ago. I have never set it up because I never had a home of my own until now!! I am sooo excited, it looks great and its the really cute Willow Tree one too.

This weekend was great! I loved being with my loved ones and friends. I am so grateful for all of my blessings and for my fabulous, loving, funny, sweet, husband, for our beautiful little home and our sweet doggie. I do have a lot to be thankful for and try to recognize that daily :)


  1. There's a lot of stuff about food in this post and it's making me REALLY hungry. Brick Oven, Jason's Deli, yum! I'm glad you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and that you were able to hang out with your family so much!

  2. You know what I like about your posts most? When you write "ha ha" because I can totally hear you laughing in my head. I love it! I love you! You are a dear friend.

  3. Dari!! I ran across your blog today and I can't wait to read it, but I am at work so it will have to wait! Jeremiah and I have a blog too!


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