Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Blogs are Fantastic!

So today my good friend Angie, whom I have grown up with since elementary school (I believe), found my blog! Thus leading me to hers, leading me to Marilee's (another neighbor friend) and so on and so forth. I love blogs! I love being able to catch up on people's lives- hearing their stories, happiness, sadness, seeing pictures and feeling like I still know about these people that I love and have great memories with. She was married in September and I am so happy for her! :) While reading her blog, she had a post with 6 things about her and she tagged anyone who read it to do the same. So here you go:

1. I have a routine, I am sure almost everyone does. For getting ready, doing my daily jobs at work, for shutting down my computer and packing up for the day, etc. But it is a little ridiculous at times. For example: this morning I was getting ready and I noticed that the cord on my blow-dryer was not wound up the way I normally wind it... this was very confusing to me. Had Chris taken up blowing his ever so short hair dry? Did someone come over and use it while I was at work. Did I do it like that the last time I used it. I proceeded to blow dry and then paid attention to how I wound it back up... I definitely didn't do that. So I asked Chris if he had used it and admitted how crazy and weird I am for noticing in the first place. Yes he used it to dry a spot on his shorts that he had gotten wet to clean. ha ha

2. I am a people pleaser. I always want the people around me i.e. family friends to feel comfortable and happy. ( If I have ever done anything on the contrary, I apologize) I feel like I consider so many people my GOOD friends. I am one of those people that had a hard time learning that I can't be everyone's BFF, even though I would love to be. But I now realize that even people that I don't see tons or consider my BFF's mean just as much to me as the BFF's do. So I now know that I can still mean a lot to people and not be their BFF and I am ok with that! :)

3. I am getting more emotional the older I get. Not scary, crazy-girl emotion and I get mad all the time. The good kind. When I get cute vidoes in my email that have been forwarded to me, I cry. When I watch a cute commercial, I cry. When I watch a sweet movie or see cute babies and their parents interact, I cry!!!

4. I am baby hungry!! I definitely second Angie's sentiment on that. I see the cute pics of babies on everyone's blogs and I want one of my own ha ha

5. I love TV. Chris hates it and doesn't know why I would want to waste my time watching it. I have at least 5 shows set for my DVR to record each week and I watch them when I have free time... at least I don't create my schedule around them! They entertain me and help me relax and slow my brain down in the evenings.

6. I love a clean house. I can't stand to sit in my house and watch TV or play Guitar Hero (yes, it's the only video game I play and I heart it immensly) if my house isn't clean. It is a never ending cycle, but there is nothing that pleases me more than having a clean house. By clean I mean: floor boards wiped, floors mopped, all rooms dusted and vaccumed, surfaces cleared of clutter, mirrors washed, laundry completed or in the process, each room smelling good, and the dishes done. If it isn't clean, I feel like a pig or am paranoid that someone will drop by in my midst of uncleanliness.

This is fun, so I tag my friends that haven't done this yet to do it aka Jeanette, B-Rit, Chad, Mad.. everyone!


  1. Ha ha, this is cute! I am getting more emotional the older I get as well, I am a big old bawl baby, as you well know. We love our TV. Sorry Chris, we just do! ;) I don't know if I can think up 6 interesting things about me, I'm pretty damn boring...but if I do, I shall surely follow up with a blog of my own.

  2. Did you figure out google reader? Go to and sign up (I think you can use any email address - it doesn't have to be gmail). You will then start "adding subscriptions" so just type in the addresses of the blogs that you read. So, when you want to check blogs you just sign in and it will show you who has updated. It is amazing!!


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