Monday, November 5, 2007

Halloween costumes!

Halloween was fun but low key. We went to our ward trunk or treat for a bit so I could see my young women and eat some chow to support the ward functions... ya know. Then we went to Chris' parents and ate some more. Yes, we are fat girls! I dressed up and I dressed Cooper up again as well. Chris was unprepared this year and therefore forfeited dressing up for the actual Halloween night. That is OK though, we decided next year we will go all out! So here are a couple pics of me and Coop :)

I figured I better get some good use out of this one since Disney charges a pretty penny for their costumes... Hence a repeat of last year.

He isn't cock-eyed in real life, promise ha ha

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  1. You look soo cute! Love your costume! You little Queen of Hearts you!


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