Monday, November 5, 2007

A happy update...

Blogs are back... don't ask me how, but I am back on and looking at all my great friends blogs!!! I told my friend here at work how saddened I was about losing my blogs, well she proceeded to call our friend who is one of the Info Systems guys and tell him it is BS that my blogs were blocked. SO I am not sure if that had anything to do with it or if it was a mess up on the part of the internet filter BUT REGARDLESS, I am so glad to have them back! Hooray! :)

Getting on with more important things.... I haven't been on here for a while because I was out of blog mode since I couldn't look at other people's. Here are some pics from Brit's Birthday dinner at the Gateway that Jeanette and I put together. We ate at Thaifoon and invited all our lady friends since a lot of us couldn't make it to Brit's official birthday bash on her actual day. I love these pics, they are so cute and fun!

Brit loves scrapbooking!

Me, M'Liss, and Brit look sexy and sorts

All the ladies, eating some good thai-asian food!

Brit and Kate in their cute hats!

Brit loves the Killers

B-Rit, Kate, Kim and Nutter

Me, M-Liss, and Brit

B-Rit, Kate, Kim, and Jeanetter

All of us after din din

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  1. HOORAY! These are some cutie pie pictures for sure.


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