Thursday, September 6, 2007

Onion Days Day continued...

Saturday was a little more relaxing. My parents were having a grand opening all weekend for the tire store. It used to be a Big O Tire but they recently changed it into an American Car Care Center! I was lucky enough to go and help my mom hand out free hotdogs to the people at the store. Luckily it wasn't that busy so my Mom and I just chatted with each other and the random family and friends that happened to come by! When I was finished "hotdogging" and cleaning up, I was off to the booths at the park.

Chris and I went to visit Ashley Hone (Dunn) and Leslie Faragher (Hiatt) at their booth. They started a cute new company where they make baby head bands and jewlery. Their stuff is adorable and a great price. I believe the company name is Bella Bambina. If you need any of those baby things, let me know and I will give you their numbers or email. They are ready and willing to do whatever you need and will even make bows to match particular outfits for you! I bought a bunch of stuff for my friend Tami, she is having a baby shower tonight. :)

That night I went to Salt Lake with my friend Ali to watch our friends and her boyfriends band The New Nervous. They are a fabulous band and are so talented. (Click on their name to go to their website.) They played at the Avalon with Victim Effect and Kill Hannah. After the show, we got the Pie to go and went and ate it up at LDS hospital with Devin and Lisa. It was so much fun. We wheeled him down to the cafeteria and noone else was there because it was almost midnight and we ate and laughed and had a great time.

Sunday was nice and realxing and my mom made her famous double frosting brownies!!! Hooray!

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