Thursday, September 6, 2007

Labor Day weekend aka Onion days

In Payson Labor Day is the huge town celebration known as Onion Days. I am not quite sure of the story behind the origin and it isn't like we actually di any activities relating to onions but oh well... This was a fun weekend. We went down to my parents house on Friday night in wretched traffic. That night we went to eat at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in Payson- Mi Rancherito, after that we took off to the fireworks. My dad is a volunteer firefighter in Payson and they do the fireworks, so he was excited for us to watch them :) At this point there was no holding back my husband and brothers from running to the carnival to ride all sorts of spinning rides!!! Of course I was in! I love rides and "I never get motion sick"! So we were planning on riding the Gravitron (now known as the Starship) as many times as we could and all sorts of other rides.

We got there and started with the Gravitron, I had never been on it. This was quite the fun experience. There were kids upside down and side ways and Chris was bull dozing my sister (she decided to join us, even though she knows she gets motion sick!) Chris was taking pictures and having a grand time! After that ride, the little boys and I went on the Gwhiz (similar to the magic carpet) that was fun, I dared them to keep their arms up the whole time. RoLee didn't last but two rotations, but Ryker on the other hand, he rode it like a champ and kept his hands up most of the time, like me. It was great! Then it was back to the Gravitron, minus Nicole (obviously and plus Ryker, he dared to this time after hearing about how fun it was) Great again, especially seeing Ryker's face ha ha By this time I was feeling pretty dizzy but there were still 2 rides I wanted to go on. So Ryker and I were off to the Orbiter. Yes, side ways, in the air, spinning, with two G's slapping your face. This was great, I kept coaching Ryker to scream if he felt woozy. We got off and all I could think was... I need to lay down. My head was in a defferent dimension. So we layed down on the grass and found everyone. I was spent, if I went on my last and most anticipated ride, which I would've had to brave on my own, (everyone else was too scared!) I would have yammied for sure!!! So I called it quits. But the biys wanted another Gravitron, so off they went with their friend Max. After they returned, Max didn't look so hot. We went to get a "Texas Twister" lemonade and then hit the road, when Max disappeared to the bathroom. After a few minutes he returned, looking like he had endured a triathalon. You guessed it, he ralphed in the bathroom. ha ha So he was feeling better but 3 of us were still pretty motion sick.

We all went home and layed down and laughed about our adventures and my big talk of never being motion sick. Yep, this was my first time getting motion sick on a ride... I must be getting old. :) What a great start to a magical Onion Days weekend!

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  1. Those pictures are so so great!! I love fairs! Me and jesse went to the state fair and rode on this ride called the zipper. Both of us nearly peed from laughter. Mascara was running all down my face. Fun stuff.


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