Friday, August 31, 2007

Girls night!

I just realized I didn't take pics last night.... oops. Last night was really fun, I went out with my ladies from work. Jess and I went to Nordstrom and got some new MAC makeup and she had never used it before so while I was reloading on the usual and the lady was showing me some other powder... the girl that was helping me was like, "Here try this" and started putting stuff on Jess' face. Jess looked in the mirror and LOVED it! All I said was, "I told you!". So we both ended up getting stuff there. Then we browsed through Fashion Place and got some cute shirts.

Next we met up with Shel at the Gateway and ate at Happy Sumo (obviously one of my favorite restaurants!) ha ha They had never eaten there either, so I was excited to see what they thought of it. By the end, Jess felt like she was living under a rock because she had never eaten there and now decided that she wants to eat there every day of her life and can't believe she existed without having this before. Yes, she loved it that much. Shel liked it too, but not to that extent and she had trouble with the seaweed that they roll the sushi in ;) But a great meal all around. Then we perused the gateway and bought a few more things. Of course I had to introduce them to Forever 21. I ended up finding the cutest dress there and I am so glad because I have been wanting a new dress really bad! Here it is!! It's even cuter on!!

It was such a fun night, we just wish the mall could have stayed open longer so we could buy some more stuff!! I love these girls, they are sweethearts and are my norm in the warehouse (and offices) full of some interesting people! We are going to start a girls night tradition from here on out :)

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