Thursday, September 6, 2007

The final chapter of Onion Days

Monday Chris surprised me by coming down!! He worked on Sunday and was supposed to be working on Monday so he left Saturday afternoon to go home and I was missing him! He was "very sick" so that is why he didn't go into work and came to be with the family!!!! YAY! (although I think kharma bit him in the butt for that one, because he actually got sick the next couple of day and end3ed up coming home from work both days :( so he had a one day work week... Yesterday we found out he has bleeding ulsers and that is why he was yammy-ing every morning, sad huh?)

We went to the Payson parade with my mom and sis and Jaime and Pete. It was eventful as a small town parade can get and Chris complained a lot. But I was loving me some parade! My dad had the big American Car Care bird that is filled with air so they drove that in the parade and my brothers and their friends handed out cany, water, adn T-shirts. We took pictures and were so proud.

After the parade my mom's side of the family came over for a BBQ. It was a lot of fun! She comes from a family of 10 so it is always a house full and we love it!! Everyone ate and chatted and then we headed home and ended our blessed and eventful Onion Days weekend.

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