Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Yesterday I talked to my boss about adding a few more duties to my job. Right now I do the Administrative Assistant stuff and all the office work for the Maintenance Dept. But obviously I get a little bored because I get all my stuff done and still have day to burn. (My office is immaculate because I have so much time to clean and organize in my free time) I have been thinking about asking to do the parts for a while now. My good ole father-in-law worked here for over ten years and just quit a couple of weeks ago, but while he was still here, he had mentioned this to my boss and he seemed up for it. I waited a little for it to sink in with Carl (my boss) and yesterday I asked him if I could do it. My father-in-law had also pitched a substantial pay raise to go hand in hand with taking on this second job. But I was a little skiddish about mentioning it because I didn't want to be presumptuous... Anyway, Carl was soo excited that I want to do the parts and was thinking that I should also. I am excited to start but am nervous because I don't want to do all these extra duties for free. Do you guys think I should ask him about the money now OR wait and see if he brings it up on his own free will???


  1. Ooooh, this is exciting stuff! Go Dari!! My bet is he will bring the raise up on his own...

  2. Hey Dari, I would mention it. Next time it's brought up or when you start actually doing the additional tasks lightly mention that you're more than happy to help & bring on the added responsibility but ask if you will be getting paid extra for doing this job. (that's always the hardest).
    That way you show him you're willing to work but the ball is in his court with the money issue. If he beats around it by saying "let's see how it goes for a while," don't be afraid to say "ok, how long of a trial period would you like to see if it'll work?" Then you can have an idea of when to bring it up again if nothing has been done.

  3. Thanks for your suggestions friends! Hopefully it will come up again and we can discuss!! :)


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